Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Rad/Not Rad

Rad-kids new spooky theories about ghosts in the house. hearing "real things" pointing to it being haunted. so "we'd better call the ghost busters. and maybe move".

Not Rad- a wicked head cold. it's been haunting me for days.

Rad- getting a call from my insurance guy and him telling me to take it easy, I should be in bed watching my favorite brand of trash TV, drinking plenty of fluids and OJ, and i SHOULD NOT be up cleaning or taking care of kids. which was what i was already doing. but funny to hear it from my insurance guy who also happens to be a male nurse/RN.

Rad- the nurse at my OB's office pretty much telling me the same thing.

Not Rad- keeping my scheduled appointment for my 20 week OB visit. the Dr. gone on a delivery and the Nurse practitioner couldn't find the heartbeat.

Rad- seeing the heart beat. and confirming it's just one baby.

not rad- baby having crossed legs so we couldn't get an early peek at the the goods and find out if it's a boy or a girl.

RAD- still going back Friday. hoping babies legs aren't crossed this time.

Rad- telling the kids over dinner I saw the babies heartbeat and them laughing at it's position which was criss cross applesauce and upside down. ;)

Not rad- having to fight certain kids to take a stinkin' shower. REALLY? just do it.

Rad- knowing i have Glee recorded on my DVR waiting for me to watch it. ;)

Rad- everyone going to bed early.


well hope your day was more rad than not rad.

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Jen said...

Woo Hoo! I am first!! or Woo Hoo I am actually commenting whichever way you want to look at it ;)! Hope you feel better soon and I agree with your insurance guy ;), think I might know him, he was also a furniture mover tonight. Glad you have way more rad on your list today! Can't wait for Friday!

Mamarazzi said...


and umm the exclusive invite? RAD! just sayin'

Glee was soooo good, i love me some raunchy Rocky Horror Picture Show!

Mama T. said...

I love to read your blogs! Here's what you tell stinky kids who won't take a shower. You remember that I teach middle school. I'm guessing the shower balker is your middle school boy. Well, if teachers and other students notice stinky kids in middle school, the kids can get the title 'stinky boy' or 'stinky girl'. Then they get 'invited' to the counselor's office or to a P.E. teacher for the 'body odor talk'. This information usually motivates teens and pre-teens to stay clean! Hope your cold gets better. Congrats on the potato invitation. I wish you lived in my neighborhood! We'd get along great!

erniebanks said...

I love reading your blog . . . . . . .bla bla bla... I had nothing better to do than comment on blogs today....

tammy said...

I didn't love Glee this week. And I'm kind of not liking them this season. I don't like seeing political agendas during my shows. That is a for sure way to turn people off.

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