Thursday, October 7, 2010

in a FUNK!?! What Do you Do?

when you are in a FUNK what do you do to make yourself happier?

I have a few things I try to brighten up and dig outta the funky mood.

some are the obvious. and some are a little less.

Obvious things like....

-shopping. or just a leisurely perusal of my current Happy Place. (late night TJMaxx or Marshalls runs)

-a large cup of liquid sanity. (the carbonated and caffeinated variety)

-Carbs. candy, sugar. whatever I'm craving at the moment.

-cranking up my fave tunes and dancing the day away.

-a chat with a fave friend.

less obvious things that brighten a bad mood for me.

-wearing Fab make-up

- sporting something hot pink .

-Rocking something that sparkles. read: bling/sequins.

-Donning some fab Jewelry and/or a glam hair flower.

-Displaying some cleavage-y delight.

any combo or all of the above does it too. i usually go for Hot pink, sparkley and cleavagey with glam make-up and some fab accessories.

it beats feeling frumpy and funktastic.

Feeling frumpy, unkempt and fatty are definite triggers that put me in a funk.

I've been in a funk for a few weeks now.

why? well because....

-we've moved in but I have yet to find and wear my fave clothes since we got here. Then my fave clothes i do have, aren't cutting it in my current state. sigh.

-I'm more lumpy than for sure prego looking in most things. and fat prego vs cute baby bump, it's sure to put anyone in a funk.

-I'm zitty. (stinking hormones)

-my hair needs colored.

-I could use a good wax.

-I need to buy some good make-up (read: foundation) speedy fast and yet lack funds.

So today

-I'm sporting some mega cleavage. in a dress that makes me look more prego than fat.

-I have a hair/wax appointment and will get to chat with a friend while we deal with what ails me.

-while i'm gone i might hit a store and peruse. or i might just swing by the beauty store where i have some exchange credit to get some much needed foundation.

-and i'll be sure to get a beverage and a snack.

I hope to be funk free by nightfall.

and if not there is always tomorrow.

sequins and cleavage here i come again.

what is your magic combo to get funk free?

fave guilty pleasure food?

Beverage of choice?

Fave color?

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tammy said...

Buy something fun.

Do something for someone else. Gets my mind off of me.

Watch a good movie.

Eat something yummy.

Take a happy pill.

Rebecca Irvine said...

Usually I am in a funk because there is no money to spend. So getting nails done or buying new stuff is not possible. I usually read a good book, work on a hobby, or talk with a friend.

Hope you find your clothes soon!

crystal said...

* alone time with a book and a snack. Preferably somewhere cozy.

* an outing with friends, time to process what's in our heads & commiserate about life as a girl and mother

* movies!!!! I love the escapism of a movie outing.

* oddly, I love to cook or bake late at night. Not dinnertime cooking during the Witching Hour, but pleasure cooking. With a movie playing next to me on my kitchen desk.

* I love to wander my favorite stores without kids.

Cynthia said...

I'm in a funk right now. Some big changes in my life are up in the air and out of my hands. I hate it when OTHERS have control of a decision I wish were mine. I'm in a big funk over it and probably will be until I find out their decision. I'll probably still be in a funk after as I try to reconfigure my life around whatever they decide.

Nani Udall said...

Late night runs to TJMax are my absolute favorite! I like to take my husband with be because he always like to pick out a new piece of jewelry for me. Best part is it comes guilt free!

Webb Family said...

I hope you get out of your funk!
You have some great ideas, I will have to use them next time.
I should send you a picture of me blue:) that might make you happy!

Mamarazzi said...

getting "dressed" in something cute and sexy then going shopping or on a date with the hubz gets me out of a funk.

i am all about the frozen twinkie for something guilty and fun at home, but love me a little cold stone when i really wanna get naughty.

A delicious diet pepsi, from a fountain, over ice balls, in a cup with a lid and a straw.

PINK PINK PINK...most shades of pink and if it sparkles, even better!

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