Friday, October 8, 2010

Packing and baking, planning to wear my earmuff hat.

I'm supposed to be packing for a family reunion to go camping-ish.

me, campy camping. even in cabins is sorta roughing it.

you can imagine my excitement to not sleep in my own bed and trudge through the woods at midnight to take care of business.

not to mention pack for 8. when i have yet to unpack or sort through the excess of clothes.

really, since it's all mixed together it might be easier than if i was organized and had things put away.

anyway. we are supposed to bring a snack to share. i planned on making a mega batch of these cookies.

and then i found a link for these delicious frosted pumpkin cookies. so i intend to whip up a batch of these also.

I'd really like to go out to lunch. but don't think i will have time. sigh.

because i really should be packing.

i wonder if i can find my fave fur earmuff hat. it's not flattering but i hate it when my ears get cold.

wish me luck in the woods.

it should be quite an adventure.

oh and be sure to miss me lots. since i'll be away from the internet for a couple days. *GASP*

well ya know starting tomorrow-ish.

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Amy said...

That's why we own our "trailer trash" trailer. (did you see my fab sticker that I made?! It's on FB under mobile uploads. HEHE) I HATE not having a shower, a toilet and a kitchen. OK, I hate not having a tv either. Or electricity. Basically, the only way the hubby can get me to camp these days is to bring a house...

Cynthia said...

Ugh. Good luck with that! Camping is so darn much WORK. We want our own trailer but who knows if it will ever be in the budget?

Mamarazzi said...

CAMPING?!?! sounds like soooo much fun! i can't wait to hear all about it!

tammy said...

I have a hard enough time packing for 3.

I have some close friends who love to camp all summer. They keep trying to get me to go. They bring practically everything they can bring to keep their kids from getting bored and themselves - board games, Nintendos, DVD players, hair dye....I say why not just do all that at home where you can sleep and pee?

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