Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Proof that Crazymamaof6 CAN camp.

notice there is no evidence of the quality of her attitude
-while packing.
-while actually camping.
- or during clean up at any given time before, during or after camping.


she does however continue looking extra glam in her self portraits.

(she is sure ANY of the pics her siblings took look considerably less flattering)

they would also all report a change to her alias to CRANKYMAMAof 6

while regaling you with tales of her childhood, bad hair/attitude/language while camping
and anything else they think is hilarious.


she did have her happy moments

-she loves that her kids had a DELIGHTFUL TIME with cousins.

-she loved that they ran free, dirty and unkempt. rocking the orphan look.

-She knows her kids loved hunting for critters to hold. fossils to keep and animal footprints to cast and save.

does your 4 year old hold snakes all by himself?
Crazymama's sidekick does!

she might have (slightly) felt bad this one couldn't bring a pet home.

and yet last time we did, the snake got free and had babies in the house.
(plus our new lease says no pets.)

she was oddly proud that this one is a snake charmer.

and that her girly girls happily hold snakes too.

She might have teared up a little while giggling at the image of 15 kids running back and forth through camp yelling , "Uncle Bruce, Uncle Bruce, we found a snake. come see!"

and 15+ kids plus adults followed and indeed caught the snake, took turns holding it and fought over who would keep it.

(Uncle Bruce will now have a super cool snake for his science classroom at the Academy)

She might have teared up (it had nothing to do with the bee/wasp that stung her on the big toe ) during the mini Sunday morning casual church meeting.

-and everything to do with seeing her siblings and their families sitting together in rows.

-singing primary songs.
(darn that song "Give said the Little Stream", chokes her up every stinkin' time)

-hearing talks given by little kids filled with faith.

Asquared's family
Bruce's family-minus the twins.
Maria's family

The hubs and the herd

Vicki's family minus Sampson

I'm missing shots of my mom, little brother and older sisters Janie's family
they got a little lost on the way


She loved sharing a cabin with this sister and her kiddies.

the kids are best cousins and now we don't have to do sleepovers for a long time.

and laughing with this sister and her daughter about courtesy flushes
and the recent clothes swap.

{where she turned into me, and i turned into her (damn her!)}

and watching seeing this sister sing with her kids during the talent show
and play Dora with her littlest one.


(as we drove into camp we saw a herd of 4 or 5 bull elk.
this was the best pic i got of them.)

how fitting

The end!

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Tracy said...

Glad you are back. Those snakes scared me just lookin at them!!
Last photo "CRACKED" me up.

shortmama said...

ewwww the snakes give me the heebie jeebies!!

Nancy Pitney said...

Looks like you had a great time! So when are you going to become crazymamaof7? Gonna wait til it's "official"?

Webb Family said...

I think Bridget & I saw your sister at the laundry mat in Payson. I would have said hi but my face looked pretty scary from the blue peel I had done:)

Mamarazzi said...

looks like it was a total blast. we never made it camping this year, makes me sad now that i see the fun y'all had.

thanks for sharing the goodness so i could live vicariously.

you rock those PINK shades too. RAD!

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