Tuesday, November 9, 2010

I'm starting early this year....

with the bah humbug attitude.

I perused a popular big box store Christmas toy catalog online and I CAN'T even imagine purchasing one piece of crap Toy and bringing it into my home.

sure the kids probably want a toy or two but do they need one? NO!

Will they take care of it? NO!

beside the first day will they even play with it? NO!!!!!!!!

the thought is enough to make me consider converting to Jehovah's Witness.

(I go through this every year it's just earlier this year than USUAL)

I actually have an idea or two that are EXCELLENT gifts for the kids and yet not toys.

something fun, to get them playing outside and it's not something we currently have. PERFECTION!

another would be a FAMILY gift , that would be the gift that keeps on giving.

and one more would be a THEME gift. like everyone would get the same thing just their own.

plus some little crap. and the basic traditional items.

I'll admit I'm extra stoked about being in a new neighborhood and I can recycle one of my past neighbor gifts ideas. PURE AWESOME!

the Black Friday ads are rolling in which is what triggered this post tonight.

i'm all stoked about nothing.

honestly i'm not sure if i can even hack blackfriday this year.

Somehow i'm sure i'll find the energy (in a can) and pay for my adventure, days later with an achin' body, but I honestly don't think i can pass on the yearly delight.

It's tradition.

I've gone days after giving birth. (I left my nursing newborn home)

I've gone 9 months pregnant.

I've gone with horrible morning sickness.

we have it down to a science.

favorite cousins come in from out of town.

friends have joined in on the fun.

I seriously don't think i can miss out on my FAVORITE DAY OF THE YEAR.

but i'll be honest, i have no idea what i'm going for yet.

i just might be going along only for the adventure of it. that would be fine too.

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CassiB said...

last year i went for the adventure and got most of my Christmas shopping done. maybe stuff will pop up day of?

CassiB said...
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Amy said...

I don't do black friday but I LOVE Cyber Monday!

As for the toys, I hear ya! My kids aren't getting one single. Video games? Yes. Crap that overwhelms my house? Nope. I'm really digging the Xbox Kinect but it's sold out everywhere. And it's more for me than for the kids...

Nani Udall said...

I have been thoroughly disappointed in the toy books this year. I hope their door buster deals are better than what's currently being leaked. We are WAY overloaded with crappy toys, and between each set of grandparents, why bother? I;m thinking books, bluray, and video games. Not to mention the time honored tradition of pajamas!

Mamarazzi said...

i loooove black friday, but this year we just wont have the cash, and dealing with the crowds and watching other people spend money just doesn't sound like fun. so, i will probably skip it.

Forgetfulone said...

We used to go (my mom, sister, and I) till my kids were born. As they grew up, we started going again. I love it! Not the crowds necessarily, but just the experience. And last year, I got an awesome deal on a laptop for my daughter. It was soooo worth it!

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