Tuesday, November 16, 2010

It's flattering just to be nominated !

OH MY GOSH! look who got nominated?!

ME! Crazymama!

Which is way WAY WAYYYYYYYYYYYYY flattering.

The bloggers on this list are AMAZING!

I mean Nie Nie is on there. NIE NIE!

I'm not worthy!

apparently this is a reader participation voting kind of thing.

So honestly I don't think I'll last much past the original nominations but still. AWESOME!

Huge thanks and HUGS for whomever nominated me.

(anyone wanna confess who did?)

wanna know the details, rules and regs on this good time? you can go here

While I'm here...(from FB)

Day 16: I'm thankful to be a cancer survivor. Grateful it was considered to be "the good one to have" (Thyroid). And really thankful for the perspective it has given me, like I can do hard things. I can survive horrible holidays and laugh about them later and the bad ones make the good ones seem even better in the end. I learned who my true friends were. And that family is the most important.

since FB isn't really the place for explanation I'll do it here.-

At the time I sort of resented the label "the good cancer to have" and yet i'm still whole as a woman (besides the loss of my Thyroid) I mean I've had 1 kid since my original surgery, another one after the 2nd surgery and radiation and this one on the way. I consider it a blessing that I can still have babies. Sure it can make it harder but it's worth it.

One year when I was waiting for and all prepped for my yearly follow-up testing I had the WORST CHRISTMAS SEASON EVER! That year makes all the good years seem so much Sweeter by comparison.

At the time don't get me wrong, it was PURE HELL, for me , the hubs and the WHOLE FANDAMILY. but now?

Tight budget? no biggie. Morning sickness, and no energy? meh.

it's all about Perspective.

Before I had cancer I believed I had some FABULOUS FRIENDS.

During it I learned who my real friends were, who could really be counted on for support and who was just there when it was convenient for them.

The same insight came when I was struggling with my follow up testing and emotional stress. and I discovered I could have friends across the internet who loved me and supported me in my time of need while other real life friends still wanted to know what I could do for them, and bailed in my time of need.

last but not least I learned Family is the most important thing in my life. and I learned to let some of the little stuff go. in the eternal scheme of things does it matter? If the answer is No, I let it go. Sometimes I forget this. and a reminder or swift kick in the pants brings it all rushing back.

so yeah. it's cool to be nominated. but in the eternal scheme of things is it the end of the world if I don't make it past the nominations? NOPE!

now onto the holidays. they may not be the best we've ever had as a family, but they sure as heck can't be the worst. we've been there and done that.

see . perspective.


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Taralyn said...

I triple <3<3<3 your posts!!! I wish I could know you in real life... You are a really amazing woman... How Rad are you to be so grateful even in times that are tough... You have gone through and overcome so much!! :)

jayna said...

well, coming from one who DOES know you in real life, i sure heart you, girl. happy to hear you were nominated!!

side note... can you text or email me your address? i have a little something i want to send you. (nothing big, just something i ran across and thought of you.)


Daisygirl said...

congrats that is super awesome!

Mamarazzi said...

congrats girlie...i have been looking through the other blogs nominated, what an honor.


i will vote for you!


CassiB said...

awesome perspective. the other day after your post i started thinking of all the people i've lost to cancer, some battled for years, one for only 2 weeks. you are the ONLY cancer survivor i know. and i am so glad to know ya! thanks for reminder that things can always be worse.

Dave'sWife@{thediaryofdaveswife} said...

Congrats on being nominated!!!!Justed voted for you!;0)

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