Friday, November 19, 2010

he's twelve already?!?

Twelve years ago today I became a mama to this boy...

I can hardly believe he's twelve already?!?

where did the time go?

wasn't this taken just last year?


I seems like it sometimes, the years have passed so quickly.

you've now been in school for more years than you were home with me.

you are the oldest of almost 7 siblings.

(I'd say you were the leader of the pack but even you follow along with Pierce's antics)

But when it comes to babysitting you are 'in charge'.

{which I ♥}

You have cultivated your talents.

-learning to burp like a real man at a young age.

-licking your own elbow.

and of course....

not to mention You type faster than I do, and have done all your own school reports since 3rd grade.

recently you've mastered putting in your contacts.

Hello Mr. Impressive!~

You never cease to Amaze me.

but what I love the best are your chocolate brown eyes.

Your sweet way with Little kids.

You are always willing to help and trying to make them smile.

and the fact that you proudly tell the other kids, no matter how old you get,

you will always be my baby.


I'm so glad you got to celebrate your Birthday with your fave cousins

(and Dad, Liberty, Paxton and Joy )

By going to see the midnight show of Harry Potter!

and I hope you have a glorious Birthday and 12th year.

( I suddenly feel so old!)

Please don't remember every horrible thing I do from now on,
(I vividly remember being 12)

and if you do, well, there is always therapy later.


*I love you forever, I'll like you for always, as long as I'm living my baby you'll be!

wanna read some oldies about Peyton from the archives?

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Jen said...

Happy Birthday Peyton!!

Janeen said...

Happy Birthday, to your soon-to-be
teenager!!! That's when it gets real interesting. He's a cutie, and sounds like a sweet boy! Those are the best! Miss seeing you around.

Mamarazzi said...

oh twelve...i hope i get a text from you one of these Sundays like i got from Cecily when her son passed the sacrament for the first time. she said she totally caught herself watching him with a big goofy embarrassing smile....good times.

CassiB said...

made this preggo mama tear up! hope he had a great birthday. stinks that they have to grow up!!

tammy said...

The feeling old part is just starting I'm telling you.

Why do they have to grow so fast?

Hope he had a great birthday!

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