Sunday, November 28, 2010

just picture this

I generally believe LIFE IS TOO SHORT for REGRETS!

but occasionally I've found reason to regret certain choices I've made or more often pictures I've posed for.

So I ask you, would you regret?

(close your eyes and imagine, oh i guess you need to see to read huh, just picture this good time)

it's 3:45 am,

I'm running high on adrenalin and Rockstar,

giddy after almost 24 hours on no sleep,

hyped because the store is opening soon and I'm chilled to the BONE from sitting outside in a camp chair and wearing just a sweater and flip flops.

The line is compacting, we are talking strategy, and regaling the girls in front of us with tales of blackfriday's past. Discussing strategy and technique.

I am wearing my ear flap hat, flaps down. (hideous on a good day.)

with my child sized HULK throw blanket tied around my neck, super hero style.

and a fuzzy blue blanket wrapped around me and my ginormous prego belly for warmth.

2 news crews were on the scene, and we were laughing at the mental and real time picture of ME, Crazymama

running through the doors,

in the aforementioned outfit with arms out,

flying squirrel style,

with my cape and blanket waving in the wind as I make my way through the doors cackling and running to victory

to snatch and grab my bargains I'm there for. (which i totally managed.)

so while we discussed the WHAT IF's of this mental and physical picture, my cousin who loves me and yet I'm pretty sure LOVE LOVES to make me look stupid, talked me into posing for a picture.

so in the heat of the moment I DID!

which was followed by INSTANT REGRET!

I mean, while it is A HILARIOUS real time and mental picture.

(i fully expect that you laughed your way through that not at all embellished, totally accurate description, NOTE: sometimes i have no pride or decision making abilities, much less common sense)

that picture is on her camera to do whatever she wants with it.

THE HORRORIBLE THOUGHT of her posting it on FB! OH MY GOSH! hideous!

or worse just sending it to people.

while she knows and loves me, or the people around us in line will laugh and tell the tale , i probably won't see them ever again. BUT what if she forwards it to someone? emails it? posts it somewhere?

ACK! there is no bigger regret.

and my assumption that i would live to regret not to mention the pain after such a strenuous adventure such as shopping on blackfriday.

i was right on the money. YOWZA.

even though i was careful. sat alot. didn't lift anything heavy. didn't really run. just the going, going, going and not sleeping enough.

i ache. i waddle. i will take days to recover.

was it fun? yes.

was it wise? HECK NO.

want the rundown on the day?

I posted this on my crazymama Fb page- for the speedy version.


We started at 4:45 thursday. Got back by 7. Then made pies and other food assignments. Went all day to the park. Hit the movies with the inlaws. Rested for and hour and a half then met up at 10 to start out and wait for the midnight specials. Skipped old navy and the insane line. Waited outside for target to open. Froze. Did target. Hit walmart in time for the 5 am deals and came home. Slept from 6:45 til 10ish. Showered. Hit bath and body works and lunch around 2 til 4:30. Delivered kids to g-ma's sleepover. Hit 2 targets with the hubs. Frankly dying today. Gee wonder why? Insane.

Why did I go? because my cousin came from out of town JUST TO GO WITH ME! and i gave in last minute. she talked me into it, begged, finagled. and Me being the sucker i am for anything this cousin talks me into, I WENT!

ok so i mentioned Pies-

check out the pies at our annual family pie contest-

I made 5 and the hubs made the apple in the bottom right corner (that Liberty claimed as her entry) and that person with the pink bowl of whipped cream (homemade from scratch whipped cream no less, that is me). I was adding the whipped cream finish to Paxton's banana cream pie, then had to add it to Hope's eggnog pie, and to Joy's oreo one next to it.

Paxton's banana cream pie won first overall!

Joy's oreo pudding pie won 2nd.

Pierce's took the easy cherry cheesecake in the bottom left corner.

Hope took 3rd for the eggnog pie which was a huge Hit, (thanks for that link Mamarazzi)

Liberty won best fruit pie with her Dad's baked from scratch double crust apple pie. (which is heavenly and i'm now craving a slice)

Peyton had a chocolate pudding pie in a regular pie crust with shortbread topping pie.

(only because he broke his crust accidentally just as we were making it, so we improvised with a pillsbury pie crust i had in the fridge, baked it, filled it with pudding and then crushed up the shortbread cookie topping and sprinkled it on top. it was surprisingly tasty)


oh Joy! my sister posted this on her FB wall. (i'm pretty sure i said not to post it, but did you know you can now download in high resolution pics off of FB? makes me rethink ever posting pics on there. or ever posing for a pic.

I'm wearing my standard hot pink sunglasses, with my custom made crazymama inspired Mimi-made hair clip. sporting my awesome fat lady double chin . (thanks dad for the genes that produce that hideous addition after a certain amount of weight gain)

I have now achieved the jones family double chin. sometimes i hate my life.

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Andrea said...

I'm dying that I missed your RAD getup at black friday! I skipped all the sales that day. I was at home sleeping under lots of blankets & wearing fuzzy socks while you were freezing & running! LOL I totally laughed when you said "flying squirrel style"! I could totally picture you doing that! HAHAHA I would pay to see that picture! Not really cuz I'm so cheap, but I would LOVE to see it anyway!

Mmmm those pies look delicious!!!

Kimm said...

You failed to mention Jack in the box and your "Hi" to the guy working the drive thru, and then his little sassy comments back to you. (I am laughing just thinking about it).

Mamarazzi said...

woo hooo for THIRD place. that egg nog pie is yummo!

your story is awesome. wish i had seen it in real life, but the in my head version is pretty fabulous!

Tracy said...

Well, you live up to your name once again, Crazy Momma! Wish I could have seen it. Life is short, have fun, be crazy and be safe!
Thanks for the giggle.

jayna said...

wow girl... what a trip. black friday... i just can't do it. maybe because there is no one as fun around here as you?!?

and the pies look amazing. eggnog? where did you get a recipe for that???

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