Tuesday, November 30, 2010

scrambling on my own

Thankful day 30: thankful for job interviews for the hubs. (even for the kind in far off places).


Do you ever see someone and think, "dang she has got it together!" Perfect kids, cute hair, fabulous outfit and then you think ," damn bitch! I wish i was her!" yeah me too!

seriously I saw one of those girls today. sigh. and then I thought. maybe she really doesn't have it ALL TOGETHER. maybe her marriage is a wreck. maybe she's in debt up to her eyeballs. maybe her life sucks in some way I can't see? maybe? or maybe it's perfect. and LUCKY HER. if my life was perfect and ideal would I be who I am today? NOPE. so maybe i'm lucky.

and maybe there is someone out there looking at me like I looked at her?!

not likely but maybe. on a good day.


I Run around like a chicken with it's head cut off, but at a much slowwwwer pace and the run is more like a waddle. hmmm do penguins run around after they loose their heads?

I have bunko at my hovel on Friday. The hubs happens to be out of town on a far off interview and i'm left scrambling on my own to get ready. will it all get done? the basics will.

will i pull off all the re-decorating i had on my list? NOT LIKELY.

does it matter in the long run? NOPE NOT AT ALL.

I'm now at peace. my friends love me no matter what. the prizes are fabulous. the food will be too. it doesn't matter in the slightest what fabric is covering my cornices. what matters is the laughter. the fun. the friendships. nothing else matters. I ♥ my bunko babes.


I still need your Votes on the blog guidebook top blog contest. voting goes until Friday. WHOOHOO! and then there is another round and another and another. i wonder if i should keep begging for votes or just let it go? Everyone is so busy, including me. like I've said all along just getting nominated was enough.


Pretty sure I failed to mention that I WON a $20 Goodwill gift card from 'MY DEAR TRASH' a couple weeks ago. which already came in the mail. yay me. maybe i'll find a treasure or two. or a loveseat for my downstairs family room?


Neon Trees is being featured with the Free single of the week on iTunes with their new holiday delight, "WISHLIST!" Download it NOW it's rad.

I failed to mention Neon Trees are coming again in DECEMBER! sad thing is it's not an all ages show, and Joy is devastated since she's been planning on going since i went last time. She's a super fan. i'm still tempted to go with the hubs for a hot night out. but I have a feeling i'd feel like a HUGE DORK rocking the baby bump. sigh.

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tammy said...

We probably won't even notice you have cornices ; )


You crack me up!!! That's right I am coming for the company and the fun!I have been to your house didn't look like a hovel to me. See ya friday.

jayna said...

oh honey... you rock that baby bump and go to the concert. :) you love them!

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