Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thankful for the sunshine.

So i did take a picture of the the 'bump'.

it's blue because it's a boy. and not because i'm wallowing today. even though i feel like WALLOWING. (not really, i really don't have time for that but i might be struggling a little today.)

I went back to my standard mood brightening profile pic on FB though because, it has some of my favorite things.

hot pink.

i need to catch up on my thankful thoughts, i think of one (or 5) everyday. some aren't FB worthy. heck some aren't blog worthy. but i'll go there.

last day i recall?

Day 17: grateful for a day with extra energy to get some errands run.

Day- 18: I actually look unmistakably pregnant all the time.

from FB- Had 3 girls with hands on her belly waiting for the baby to kick them. And a 4 year old boy insisting he has a baby in his tummy too. *Smile*

Day 19: Peyton. he turned 12. I'm grateful for him, and that we could celebrate.

the hubs took 4 big kids to the midnight release of HP. with my brother and brother in law and the oldest kids in each family.

an evening out at Chuck E. Cheese. the kids had a delightful time after the crowds were gone and the tokens had run out just playing together. I'm glad they have eachother.

Saturday the 20th-and the hubs and i had a rad time on one of our ULTRA cheap dates.

you know it's awesome when

-it starts with a dry heave.
-you get to ride in the beater car. (at least the heat works.)

-we had to laugh when we drove down the road where last time on our date one of us was walking the street looking to score some cash.

Sunday the 21st- on FB- Grateful Today for all the little things people say and do for me that don't take much time or effort but mean alot. A thoughtful treat delivered to my doorstep (thanks Kimm for the pumpkin pie poptart). a compliment from someone at church. Being remembered by an old aquaintance. A smile from a stranger. A kind word and a smile take no time at all but can make all the difference.

Monday the 22nd. - Peyton rounded up the other kids and cleaned the loft without any help or nudging from me.

FB- Loves that when one of them really wants something they round up the rest and make the others all work together until it's done.

Tuesday the 23rd-
I'm thankful for an awesome Sister in Law that came over and helped me decorate.
FB status? Heard the kids come down the stairs to ohhh and ahhh over parts of the house freshly decorated you'd have thought it was christmas morning not just old pictures. (finally hung up on the wall) ;-)

thankful for a delightful new visiting teacher.

thankful for a chance to get to know my VT ladies a little better.

Thankful the van window started magically working again so we don't have to listen to the beep as we open the door to order and pay at the drive thru.

sidebar story: last night while getting last minute Thanksgiving groceries the hubs asked if i needed help pushing the cart. NOPE. "then why are you walking so slow, and getting slower and slower ?"

my answer ? because my crotch hurts more and more BY THE MINUTE.

I was thankful The hubs went with me to do the shopping. held the list. unloaded the cart to pay, reloaded the bags into the carts, put them in the van and carried them into the house and unloaded and put them away. usually i have to do all that myself whether I'm hurting, cramping or numb.

The 24th- today- this morning i was thankful for indoor plumbing. it's probably one of the most basic things to be grateful for. no outhouses. HOT SHOWERS. warm baths.

I'm thankful for the sunshine. i need the sun. grateful to live in AZ where there isn't talk of blizzards, and snowdays are mythical things i only know about from friends who live in far off places.

now i'm off.

today's agenda?

  • avoid wallowing.
  • pretend i feel attractive.
  • resist retail therapy

  • hit the wax museum in the 6th grade

  • make homemade cranberries

  • help the hubs deliver his homemade apple pies to neighbors
(just for fun and totally his idea)

  • whip up some pies with assorted kids.

  • do boatloads of dishes. and laundry

P.S. super grateful for small miracles. everyday.

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CassiB said...

love your post today! and i think the new pic is perfect in blue =) all wonderful things to be grateful for =) my hubs says to me at the store the other night (after i had asked him to slow down for me) "oh yeah, i forgot how slow you get when you are preggo." umm duh!

Joy said...

Whoa! I haven't stopped by here in awhile! Congrats on the pregnancy!!

jayna said...

love the "today's agenda". hope your thanksgiving was fantastic. and the big blizzard of 2010? a joke. i drove home in a snow storm WAY worse on saturday night. but boy howdy is it cold. 19 degrees??? WHY do i live here?? i miss the sun even though it does come out quite a bit during the winter. it just isn't all that warm. hugs,

Nicol said...

It's the small thing that we tend to overlook. I love your list and made me think of the things that I am grateful for!

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