Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Rad/not Rad -home decorating edition

RaD! my sister in law came over and helped me decorate last night.

RAD? pics to come soon.

Not rad? probably not soon enough.

Rad- we made a plan as to what goes where, what i need to buy, what i need to paint, and where things will go. i'm hoping to pull it off before next Friday. (I'm hostessing December bunko, the family Christmas party and Christmas day brunch with my family at our house this year)

Rad- Joy read the book I love you forever to Hope and Pierce today.

Not rad? me crying. i'm such a boob.

Rad- the kids all came home and worked together to clean up the loft (after trashing it this weekend), i didn't have to help or yell at anyone to help. Peyton had invited a friend to come play Call of Duty Black Ops. So he took charge, gave direction and got it done. now that we know they can, i'm going to expect alot more from the herd. AWESOME!

Rad- on Friday the hubs and i tackled the garage. we made a huge dent. purged a bunch and sorted a whole lot more. i hafta say it was SUPER RAD. sure i was exhausted afterward but now i know where certain Items are when i'm ready to sort and purge more, AND we finally found the wii since we moved in. (it's been missing in the piles of boxes. ) that last load or two was CRAZY and so unorganized and rushed.

RAD? you know what would be SUPER RAD? if you'd go Vote for me. HERE on the main page, right hand sidebar. you can Vote once from your computer and again once from your work computer or phone. Pretty please. VOTE FOR ME! (CRAZYMAMA) I would be eternally grateful. Pretty please with sugar on TOP?

the upside to voting for me? I get to stay in the competition.

the downside i'll keep begging you weekly to vote for me until i get eliminated.

The upside to me in the competition? you give this poor prego mama something to be thrilled about.

the down side? you hafta keep hearing about it.

The upside? there might be giveaways (ok so i have one in the works anyway) to bribe you to love me.

i guess all those downsides are NOT RAD. and the upsides should be Rad.

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Nancy Pitney said...

I didn't get a chance to comment on your last post, but I really can't believe you're not doing Black Friday this year. You are one of the crazy people (hence your name) that love that day. I personally think it's insane to try to fight the crowds and try not to get trampled to death to get a few extra bucks off something. I'm proud of you!

jayna said...

oohh! i can't wait for pictures!! i'm going to vote right now!!

Mamarazzi said...

i cannot wait to see the pictures!!

i bet your place is CUTE!

i am totally not above buying votes too...if i make it past the first round i will most def be bringing out the big guns...lol.

Amy said...

I can't even read I love you forever without crying. I can't imagine my kids reading it to each other. I would go into the ugly cry for sure!

Oh and I voted for you too!

tammy said...

Can't wait for bunko! I'm so going to need a break by then!

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