Wednesday, December 1, 2010

i {heart} him the best

as I was trying to decorate the tree today for bunko when we found 3 different kinds of ribbon in the box.

I couldn't for the life of me recall how I used it last year, or why.

so I turned to my archives to see....

2007 I described it in a different post here



funny how the tree changed a little every year, and how the kids changed ALOT. especially my sidekick. he's dying to "help" me decorate the tree this year. I'm waiting until he goes to bed, wanting the ornaments evenly spaced and in a specific color order.

TYPE A? yes. yes I am.

Fave part of the day? When I found my beloved Sparkley boyfriend in the box of decorations! (no it's not Edward) it's my glittered NUTCRACKER!

i ♥ him the best of all my holiday decorations.

so now that I've figured out how I've used the 3 different ribbons, one each year. I want to do something different. I'm pretty sure I've wanted Fuchsia feather boas for garlands the last 3 years. maybe I'll finally bite the bullet and do it.

as for the rest of my bunko prep?

i still need to get the food purchased and prepped.

the maid is coming tomorrow first thing.

plus i have loads to stash and dash. I'm sure it will be down to the wire as always.

PS i still need your votes. Please and thank you!

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Jen said...

That reminds me to take a picture of my tree and other decorations so I remember how I laid them out!! LOL I always look back in my blog and I don't have any and always regret it. I meant to tell you that I saw halloween nutcrackers (can't remember where now) and thought of you. I should have bought one since I know how much you heart them! Can't wait for Friday!

Kayci said...

Thought of you when I was at Target earlier- TONS of glitter fabulous fuchsia and lime green and teal!
I'm a lime green and cardinal red girl myself... but I had a hard time convincing myself not to buy everything in sight!

Sunny & Star said...

I love your glittery nutcracker. He is adorable.

We are having a little giveaway over on our blog. I hope you can jump over and check it out. ☺

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