Monday, December 20, 2010

anonymous christmas cheer

I knew we were low budget but...

When we debate for 30 minutes over the purchase of a $5 toy and the purchase of said toy might prevent the purchase of something else we consider a must have or say paying the rent? It truly hit home.

Same with the thoughtful and generous secret santa gift ditched on our doorstep last night. (Thank you secret santa).

My question is...if I have figured out who exactly gifted it to us, do I send them a thank you note?

Or leave them to bask in anonymity and the christmas spirit of giving.

I'm tempted to thank them.

And while i've been prideful enough to think we have " it handled" this year. We don't. Not even close.

honestly I think this is the slimmest year we have ever had.


And we have had some SLIM years.

i'm humbled by the generous and kind hearted family that was given our name.

Their thoughtful gift brought tears to my eyes and a little relief to my heart.

While I may be too prideful to ask for help, I am humble enough to appreciate it and graciously accept the gifts given and feel compelled to thank them for it.

And to those readers who have been blessed with enough, or more than most, who have generously and thoughtfully gone out of their way to help someone in need,

I thank you on their behalf,

you may have no idea how needy they are or how desperate they feel.

They may never figure out it was you.

But know that your gift of service or anonymous christmas cheer was appreciated. By someone.

Hugs and holiday spirit!

A humbled and grateful Crazymama.

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Amy said...

Having been on the giving end of this scenario, I know that I preferred to stay anonymous. Just posting a thank you on your blog or Facebook is enough, I promise :)

Cynthia said...

What a great post. It won't always be this way for you. At some point, you'll be the one paying it forward.

If not for the blessing of my new family-friendly job, we'd be sitting right beside you on that bench. Because of that, we've tried to give as much financially as we can this year (but we're still digging out ourselves). I hate feeling like there is just not quite enough but hoping. And yet, it's that feeling that helps us appreciate all else. It won't always be this way for you- it will get better but you'll always have the lessons and memories of making what you have 'enough'.

Bless you and yours!

crystal said...

Sniffle. I've had a few angels, too, this year and last. And I will forever know how it feels to be the desperate, stressed person--I can't wait to be in a position sometime to do something kind for a family.

Love you & Merry Christmas. You're raising a great herd of kids, and that is what matters in life. They'll go forward in their own lives equipped with the skills to survive obstacles and NOT feeling entitled.

Megan said...

I'm so glad you had your own Christmas angels - and I think if it was me I'd prefer to remain annonymous. But maybe you could send them a sweet, annonymous letter some time next year to cheer them up as a thank you!

tammy said...

One thing I've learned is that almost everyone goes through lean times at one point or another, and that's what we're here for, is to help each other. I'm so glad someone chose your family to serve this Christmas. I remember when we were unemployed and I was wondering how we were going to give Christmas to Taylor, who was at the age where it would be a big deal if Santa didn't come. Thank goodness for the people & family that helped us out.

Mamarazzi said...

wow. this was beautiful and very gracious. i am glad someone helped make a little magic for your darling family.

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