Saturday, December 18, 2010

grown up enough

I'm a grown up by most people's standards.

Over 30
Mother of 6 and pregnant.


A grown up to everyone except to my family.

I'm grown up enough to have almost 7 kids.

But not grown up enough to be above being teased by my big brothers who taunt me. Tease me and make me mad enough to cuss.

I'm grown up enough to hostess 40 adults and children at my house for Grandma's (my mom's) Christmas party...

but still enough the little sister that everyone whoops and hollers about something I did when I was 5. And I still cackle at how funny I am.

(It's even funnier when my 4 year old pulls the same kind of stunt.) And now 40 people cackle at him.

I guess it's nice to know I am never above sibling teasing or nick names.

Have I told you what my siblings call me? And have called me my whole life?


(Or the Equally lovely)

Goober. Some of my nieces and nephews even call me Aunt Goober.

Flattering huh?!

I'm grown up enough to have the latest Droid phone...

but obviously naive enough to let my brothers look at it and they posted that I eat boogars as my facebook status.

Seriously? I thought someday I'd outgrow the teasing, nicknames and harassment from my siblings.

I guess not.

Because it seems as long as I'm the little sister it doesn't matter how grown up I get. They are gonna tease me for as long as they think it's fun.

Someday my kids are gonna have the best time teasing each other at my Christmas party too.

Gotta love coming from a big family, because no matter how grown up you are always siblings and never rise above being teased and loved and heckled by eachother.

Have I mentioned how fun my family is?

Let's just leave it with I'm not the only one that is Truly Delightful in Every Way.

Here are a few pics I snagged off my sister's FB page. more coming soon.

Check out Pierce... he just couldn't keep his hands off Santa's puff ball.
Joy and my mom ( Joy)

P.S. I'm grown up enough that my parties are so fun extra kids wanna stay for hours after the party ends.

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Jenifer said...

It's too true...I'm the youngest and still get picked on like I'm 7 :)

Cynthia said...

Sounds just like the family party we had tonight! And yes, I have an extra kid sleeping over. Similar indeed!

tammy said...

Family - there's nothing like 'em.

CassiB said...

i'm the youngest of the original 4 in my fam, same thing happens to me. i love it, tho i didn't like getting teased growing up. love having everyone together! and seeing yourself in your kids, that's the best!

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