Friday, December 17, 2010


Everyday we make choices.

Some are easier and don't matter in the slightest and others really count for something.

Ya know the basic ones-

Get up or lay in bed.

Send the kids to school or keep them home.

Wear clothes or scare the world with your nakedness...choices.

Today for super early release I gave the girls a choice to go to school or take the day off.

I say the girls because Peyton and Pierce are running that high fever going around. And Peyton puked in the van within 15 minutes of the hubs leaving on a jet plane. (Interview out of state)

Of course something bad happens within minutes of me being a single mom. It happens everytime.

So today I gave the girls a choice.
And they refused.

Then they were going to be tardy.
They still refused.

Then they had to wait until after the 9 am dr. Appointment.
There were tears, weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth.

Seriously? It's the last day. You already partied yesterday. No learning is happening and i'll have to pick you up in how many hours?

Just stay home.



At the Dr. Office I had a choice,

Let everyone sit in the car to wait or trot them all out and Parade all 6 kids in.

I made them all go in.

They marched in a line without my prompting.

Pierce announced he was the leader.

Liberty held the door for everyone.

Peyton looked half dead with bedhead, allergy shiners, a fever and he almost toted in his barf bowl. Just in case.

Paxton, Hope and Pierce were a musical trio of coughs .

It was discussed with the nurse and the Dr.

That no they aren't Really out yet. But that we had some choices.

Miss the appointment or bring everyone.

Go for the short day or ditch all together.

Take something for the coughs or not.

Cuss or cry?

Really it isn't so bad.
We dropped off the girls. The boys settled in with cough medicine, and gatoraide.

Me? My choice is to make it a chill day. Cuddle with my sidekick. Eat a candycane sugar cookie (delightful by the way) and wait for another hour and a half then go get the girls.

Super early release days are worthless unless you want to-

Finish yesterdays movie.


Say goodbye to a friend before the break.

Or bring home the hand crafted delight you didn't get to wrap yet.

Hope the girls are happy with their choices.

And happy super early release and first day of christmas break.

We have nothing planned other than keeping the house clean for the christmas party tomorrow .

Which by the way i'm choosing not to panic over.

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onehm said...

I can't keep my house clean when all the kids are home. Unless I have structured activities the entire time...
BUMMER about the illness. Hope everyone feels better FAST.

Audrey said...

You are too lucky! My girls wail and scream to go anywhere! (the twins at least) and we don't get out until Wed! I am jealous! Hope the interview goes well and the kiddo's feel better! ;) Merry Christmas!

jayna said...

good choice. ;)

Cynthia said...

Keeping the house clean for 24 hours WILL be a huge accomplishment (at least for me). Hope everyone feels better soon!

Jenifer said...

Hope the girls are happy with their choice. HAHAHAHHAA! Oh that is so funny! I couldn't imagine having all those sick kids on my own. Good luck!

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