Thursday, December 16, 2010

10 years ago today

I was demanding the hubs get my tiara and my bags from the car while I was in labor with Paxton.

It was my first epidural free delivery.

My 3rd baby in as many years.

And dang it if I wasn't getting some drugs I needed my freaking tiara, pronto!

My mom barely made it to the delivery but she got there just in time. She found my room by the sounds of my raised voice and certain expletives being artfully used.

Paxton was my biggest baby weighing in at 8lbs 15oz.

He was the cutest because He's always had dimples and curly hair.

Paxton is a sweetie. Has always been kind to animals and small children and he loves one on one attention. and yet whenever he gets the chance to go alone, he takes a sibling or two along, just for fun.

Today we are celebrating him before dad goes out of town again.

He has big plans for chinese food and shopping with mom and dad.

He picked some online membership for his big birthday gift. Funny kid.

Happy birthday Paxton! Love you forever to infinity and beyond and back again! Hope you have all your wildest dreams come true!

Love! Mom

wanna see more pics? or read the same story remembered differently but the same from last year? here you go.

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