Monday, December 13, 2010

everyone covets sometime.

Sometimes it's hard not to covet. (wish for . want. what someone else has.)

I covet the handmade hand smocked silk ribbon embroidered dresses my nieces got for Christmas dresses.

I will never have them. because i have 3 girls. (my girls are recycling old dresses this year)

my sisters girls probably covet my girls sisters. one girl per family is the way it goes, except for in my little family.

I know a few people covet my baby on the way (I've been there too) .

and my herd. Who wouldn't?

I mean . who would?

sure some days, but other times they are pretty fabulous, if they are medicated, don't have homework, and are getting along.

I admit I covet. everyone covets sometime.

a steady job and no financial woes.

skinny bodies.

stupid things like smaller shoe sizes.

I covet a certain friend's holiday decor.

another friends decorating budget or vacation schedule.

everything comes with a different price though.


emotional attachments. or drains.

time use.

physical aches and pains.

some people look like they have it all, on the surface they do, but underneath it all, their life is a wreck.

some people look like they are a wreck on the surface but they are healthy and happy. all basic needs are met. they have it together. maybe they just hide it to avoid making people feel bad.

some people are amazingly self assured. and others are wildly insecure.

some people are loved and respected.

others aren't.

some people have style no matter what.

and others don't.

Some people have FABULOUS personalities.

and some people lack personality all together.

do they covet each other? i dunno.

does it even matter? not really.

would you admit it? what do you covet?

33 year old me covets my own 17 year old body. I covet her energy level too. and her shoe size.

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Mamarazzi said...

yep...i am that chick who covets your baby...the whole herd actually.

today, in the mall, with my folks...i totally coveted all of the full shopping bags i saw as i carried around my one little teeny tiny nothing bag.


CassiB said...

excellent post! i started thinking last night that this is definitely the time of year that one could get completely depressed thinking about what they don't have or can't get. quickly i changed that thinking and decided to be thankful for what i have. so while i may covet, i hope to also be able to snap back to me and be happy with what i have. p.s. i totally covet that little pink dress too! it is A-dorable!!

Janeen said...

What I covet the most are baby girls. :)

Amy said...

I covet clean houses. I don't know how people manage to keep their house spotless and have kids. It doesn't make sense to me. My house isn't filthy by any means but it's far, far, far from organized and spotless. How do people do it? I'll never know!!!

jes said...

i think i might have admitted this before but it is still true...i covet the ability to have babies and babies

tammy said...

I think we all covet a lot of the same things.

Leslie said...

I covet all those nice things too!! I think it is human nature and it is what keeps us going!!

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