Wednesday, December 15, 2010

first things first

before i can do christmas...

i have to do the family chrismastmas party at my house.

before the christmas party i have to survive the last day of school for the semester for kids and the hubs traveling again for another job interview.

before he travels we get to celebrate our ten year olds birth.

before we celebrate paxton turning ten.

we celebrate my nephew coming home from the ukraine and his two year mission.

before we celebrate that good time i will feed the family dinner,make them do chores, pick them up from school, run some errands ,go visiting teaching , get the sidekick dressed, and before i do all that i will hit the button that says post.

lots to do and places to be.

i have a lovely friend that has a poster on her fb profile that says...

keep calm, it is only christmas.


and this is only my agenda for today through saturday.

what do you have going on in your world.

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Megan said...

"before I do all that I will hit the button that says post" is my favorite line - great post! And I have so much still to do, I haven't even gotten out my decorations yet!

tammy said...

On Monday I had errands to Target, Kohl's, JoAnn's, Costco, Barnes & Noble and a going away lunch for a friend.

On Tuesday was Walmart shopping, visiting teaching and Connor's ELP party to which he offered us bringing pizzas. Thank goodness there's a Little Caesar's in my neighborhood now. Then that night we had cub scouts, regular scouts and me a meeting with the bishopric counselor over primary so I could go over what teachers we still need.

Wednesday was Connor's regular class party where I had to bring treats and help with crafts.

Today will be more Walmart shopping and hopefully cleaning my house.

Tomorrow is Connor's award assembly and the last day of school, my visiting teachers coming, and hopefully a night out.

Saturday is our ward breakfast. I want to get out of it, but I'm supposed to help a little.

Oh and add to all that, organizing stuff for primary.

I want a nap.

Amy said...

I've pretty much lived at my kids school this week. I can't wait for school to be out so I can do things on my own schedule.

Forgetfulone said...

Yes, I need to stay calm. Deep breaths. One more day of school. Family Christmas. All the stuff that goes with it. *heavy sigh*

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