Saturday, December 11, 2010

rad/ not rad

Rad my new phone.

Not Rad? the case isn't hot pink. It's what someone in the know might refer to as jackrabbit purple.

Rad I might glitter it up or add crystals.

Rad It has bejeweled on it.

Not rad? Bejeweled at 4 am is unwise for someone with insomnia.

Rad! It's a new Droid Pro. With a full built in qwerty keyboard.

Rad? The hubs asked if I was downloading the. E books app? Or some new addictive game?

Rad? My reply? How worthless do you want me to be? Like Facebook blogging and email aren't enough to keep me totally engaged?

Rad? I found 2 jolly ranchers waiting for me in the shower today. (In wrappers) I took a pic. While it was totally odd and rather puzzling as to why or how they got in there. It felt sort of festive like an easter candy hunt.

Today we are cracking the whip.

Gotta tidy up round here. One day it's pretty clean and the next hour it looks like a tornado went through here.

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Amy said...

I'm glad I'm not the only mom who finds candy in the shower...

jayna said...

been thinking of getting a droid. would you recommend it????

Mamarazzi said...

is it weird that i thought, "mmm jolly ranchers" when you told that story?

cuz mmmm jolly ranchers sound good right now.

Janeen said...

I, too, find candy in the shower.
Weird. Usually it's just the wrappers though.

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