Friday, December 10, 2010

meet me under the mistletoe

Santa came a little early this year.

He brought me a new phone I can post on my blog from. Yay! (And be tech support for the hubs business too)

We'll see how I do from now on.

(And how quickly I get the hang of posting pics and stuff. )

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Cynthia said...

Well that DOES make for a merry Christmas!

~THE JENSEN FAMILY~ said... cept I don't wanna burst the new phone bubble... the droid blows for resetting all the time and losing contacts for about 20-30 minuts for no reason at all. Other than that. Pretty awesome. I never update my blog from it, so I will be interested to find out how fast it sucks your battery dry!

Merry early Christmas to you!!!!

tammy said...

Luvpilot just got me a new phone for my b-day. I'm supposed to be able to blog and FB from it, but I haven't figured that out yet. I'm a little challenged in that area.

Andrea said...

AWESOME!!!!!! What phone did you get?

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