Tuesday, January 25, 2011

put a banana in your ear?

How about a belly shot?

3 cuties in a photo booth?

2 kiddies who couldn't get enough of mama waiting for the baby to kick them in the head?

Pierce has decided he thinks we need to give Patriot (the new baby) a spikey Mohawk and call him "Neon Trees"!

I saw the OB today, and I get to go back every 2 weeks now. It's the home stretch.

I lost another 2 lbs. Rad!

And I have to follow up with an endocrinologist my TSH was at 85. Which is horrible. An average person would feel like super crap with that level. And yeah i'm exhausted, slow witted and slow moving. This explains why.

Yup. Thrilling stuff here.

today i had the pleasure of four blood draws over three hours after drinking the nasty or
orange glucose drink

pierce kept wanting to see the four holes in my arm and pinching the vein . sometimes i have had enough of his antics. it has been over a week since i have had any alone time. i am ready for kids to be healthy and all go to their respective schools and classes and just have a little alone time.

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tammy said...

I was so glad that I had Taylor early, before I had to drink that nasty stuff.

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