Thursday, January 27, 2011

my new fave things.

A plate I saw on a valentine craft links post quoting (swoon) Mr. Darcy. "You must allow me to tell you how ardently I admire and LOVE you"
Apparently pottery barn had one that is no longer available.

Seriously though that quote on anything would be so rad. Makes me want my own vinyl cutter.

#2- the cell phone lot at the airport. I never knew it was there other than a direction on a sign but holy fabulous!

You can park there for free for as long as you want.

It has an electronic board listing airlines, flight #'s and flight statuses.

It has a porta potty for emergency use ( with a car full of kids someone always has to pee)

It was rad waiting for an extra half hour for the hubs flight and luggage pick up to not have to keep circling.

#3- a movie car that turns my herd into silent zombies. A giant screen so everyone can see and the sweet sweet silence that follows.

It's an amazing transformation from the bickering whining bunch of kids who can't keep their hands or feet to themselves.


#4- a new game I downloaded on my phone.

Ant Smashers.

Get it free. Search for it on the android market or wherever you get your phone apps. Fun for adults but easy enough for little kids.

My new morning routine.

Rush to get kids ready.

Ditch them at the door of the school and

hit Sonic with my sidekick.

A huge refreshing water for me and a small beverage for him.

And then if I look decent we run errands.

Makes me feel productive.

Gets me out the door and moving vs going back to bed and watching nothing but noggin all day.

So, those are a few of my fave things just today. I'm off with my sidekick to hunt down valentine treats for my jars.

Have a rad day!

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Lori Thompson said...

Great things to love today! I too love the cell phone lot at the airport! And I love having a vinyl machne to print out cute things I see on other peoples blogs!
and ps thanks for your message, it was really nice!

CassiB said...

the cell phone lot is way rad. and tv in the car (never thought i would miss it) is one of the best inventions! yay for feeling productive! i woke up in a nesting mood, which is sooo needed right now, lol. hope you have a super rad day too.

crystal said...

I. Want. That. Plate.

Sweet Notations said...

I want to see the link for the plate!! Hello!! You can cut vinyl out with me anytime!!!I know its cheaper and better to have your own though!!

tammy said...

There's a porta potty in the cell phone lot? Why haven't I ever noticed?

I like being showered and out the door being productive early. Which means I should be in the shower right now.

Melissa said...

Wow, you have got it handled! Keep swimming!!

The Ayers Family said...

I love the cell phone lot too!
I'm joining your club as single mom while the hubs travels for work, but we'll only use the cell phone lot a couple times between now and June. :(
I think I'm going to struggle big time with getting just ONE kid to school on time from now on. Hubs did it previously.
I just stocked up my candy jars- I found the cutest heart shaped jelly-bean-type candy at WMart- $2 a bag- and REAL cherry flavored. I'm addicted. The pink "candy corn" aren't half bad tasting either.

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