Monday, January 31, 2011

stuff i love today

Modern medicine and antibiotics for bronchitis.

Rabbit poop ice in a overly large Styrofoam cup on my bedside table and chewing it to my hearts content.
Another cup of the same ice waiting for when I finish the first one.

The hubs home (working from home) this week.

Orders for a day or two of fluids and bed rest to go with my antibiotics.

Smooth creamy lotion to calm my dry all over, itchy winter skin.

Other things I love? Hot showers, naps, trashy tv and trashy novels.

The fact that at 34 weeks babies can hear music. Are the size of a honeydew and I only have a few weeks left.


Stuff I don't love? I only have a few weeks left to get ready for the baby.

Thank goodness for amazon and

baby showers thrown by old friends. If you want an invite speak up. It will be rad for sure.

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CassiB said...

i want an invite fer sher!

CassiB said...
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