Sunday, January 9, 2011


RAD? I'm embracing the maternity pants. I like a full panel.

RAD? baby movement.

ok so sometimes it's unpleasantly uncomfortable but sometimes it's amazing.

i usually am the only one to even be aware of it, but the kids are always amazed if they get a good swift kick to the hand. the hubs? meh he's never been patient about waiting for it, and somehow always misses the big belly waves. whatever. it's all about me. i think it's rad. kids think it's rad. and the discomfort? i'll forget about that once it's over and gone for good.

Rad? I have rad skills. I am rad. I am not a wilting flower. I can do hard things.

RAD? Prozac! I have a rather large stockpile of it. I'm gonna need it, sort of already do. The stockpile gives me comfort just knowing it's there whenever I need it.

Rad! I'm not ashamed to admit I've had postpartum depression before {ok so every time I've had a baby, postpartum anxiety too} . I'm a fan of medication. I've done counseling for it too, I prefer medication. people that don't believe it's a real deal, can kiss my huge...! it's real.

Rad? I didn't make resolutions this year. Just the one word of the year deal. still happy with my choice.

Rad- I believe It's never too late to buy a new maternity outfit if it makes you feel good. If I look good I feel good. If I feel good I look good.

Rad? earplugs. i have been sleeping way better because I can't hear the hubs sawing logs which wakes me up combined with my bladder, and baby discomforts it was killing me. but now, i sleep solid. and can fall back asleep easily because i don't hear the snoring once i get up.

RAD! my earplugs are pink. pink makes me happy, always.

Rad? the pink earplugs were a gift. the kind that keeps on giving. it's (you guessed it)


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Mamarazzi said... know it is my signature color!

hey i am all about doing whatever it takes to feel better...prozac? if it works for you do it. new clothes? hells yeah, if it works for you do it!!

vsalono said...

Prozac and Adderall are the breakfast of champions!

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