Wednesday, January 12, 2011 gotta have faith.

Sometimes....Things just fall into place and it just feels like it was "meant to be".

IN recent months It has been discussed over and over again with certain people wondering how we have so much faith that things will fall into place when it's supposed to happen.

Like the Job offers. (talk about feast or famine) we had 3 offers in 3 days each one better than the last.

Yesterday he got another call from the company he'd gone 7 interviews with but it just dwindled off before we got an offer. yesterday they called wanting to know if he'd be interested in entertaining their offer now. (it happens to be a direct competitor with the one he signed with)

We feel good about the one he accepted. the timing is RIGHT. the Money is RIGHT. Besides, there isn't time to piddle around.

Other things have fallen into place in the last week like buying a new (to us) car from a friend RIGHT at the perfect time.

I have to have something reliable to drive that fits me and the kids. The Van is on it's last legs. something goes out every time the hubs is gone out of town. I don't need the stress of that. We were shopping around, at the PERFECT TIME my friend HAPPENED TO upgrade to driving a car big enough for her fabulous family.

WE KNOW we can do our part, but like so many other times in our lives we've had rough patches, and when it was meant to be things have lined up more perfectly than we could have ever imagined.

Sometimes it was more difficult to see the blessings as they were happening but if we look closely they were there all along if we only opened our eyes and our hearts and saw them for what they were.

Waiting patiently and keeping the hope alive is usually the hardest part.

Honestly I don't bother with the pathetic "WHY ME?" questions. because why not me? Why not us? obviously there are lessons to be learned.


  • trials usually make us stronger.
  • bring us together.
  • teach us something.
  • show us we are truly blessed in ways we don't realize.

Sometimes they are just subtle Blessings that give us perspective now and in the future.

Lessons that we can look back on and learn from.

Trials preparing us for something better.

SOMETIMES they are earth shattering huge ugly trials that seem all consuming.

It all depends on how you look at it and handle it.

for example.

As sad as I would have been to move to Houston, away from my family , I KNEW that if we ended up accepting THAT offer it was where we were supposed to be.

let's be real I'm glad we aren't moving, but IF I had to....

That would have placed me in the perfect location in case I needed any follow-up cancer treatment. MD Anderson was where I'd discussed going for follow-up a few years ago.

Nursing Programs have no wait time there, and I still intend on getting a degree. Even with 7 kids in tow with a husband that travels for work.

We lost our house. which placed us in a position that we could move. It wasn't an option while we still owned.

I consider the months before we lost our house as preparation for me to be able to let go.

We had bee infestations in the FRONT AND BACK of our house, not to mention Floods and famine.

Other people would have been panicked, stressed and overwhelmed by that, now and even at the time, I chalked it up to preparing me to let my childhood home go. good riddance.

The worst part was just not knowing when the ax would fall. the house would auction, or the modification would go through or not.

Someone might wonder HOW IN THE HECK could she consider any of those things blessings?

Why would that have anything to do with FAITH. HOPE or PERSEVERANCE?

Because I've/we've struggled and sacrificed before.

  • 5 years while the hubs got a degree in computer systems engineering.

-because doing flooring and construction was a dead end. sure we were fine as long as his body held up, and he could work 80 hours a week, and never take vacations. as long as people kept installing new flooring. (While it was a sacrifice at the time it was a blessing when the economy took a nose dive.)

  • Battling insurance companies and the welfare system while I had Thyroid cancer while the hubs was in school. I learned to be my own advocate. I learned to keep excellent medical records.
  • While in the middle of continuing our family (read 4 toddlers and a newborn at home).

  • Having any Cancer teaches ya that in the eternal scheme of things , SOMETHINGS JUST DON'T MATTER
    -you do what you have to do and you fight like hell for life.

-you do the unpleasant testing (glad for modern medicine).

-you get the surgery and don't whine about it, sure no one wants scars and the recovery but you do what ya gotta do, get 'er done, usually the sooner the better. why suffer?

-a good sense of Humor goes a long way

you have good days and bad,

eventually you look back and realize, HEY THAT SUCKED, but I SURVIVED!


If you just keep swimming. it will all work out in the end.

that's why I Believe that things work out when they are meant to.

Some people call that FAITH.

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Jenifer said...

Love this post. While it sucks that we have to have trials to get smarter, we do come out stronger in the end. You've been through a lot! This year will be great!


I call it Faith. I am pretty sure you are a stronger person than I am for enduring all that. Never saw you with out a smile on your face. So happy it has ALL worked out.

Lori Thompson said...

love, love, love that post! You're awesome!

tammy said...

I too, love this post.

CassiB said...

i <3 this post! thank you mama for reminding me i have so much to be thankful for!

Mamarazzi said...

i needed to read this today. seriously. i love you and i love your attitude. yeah things can suck along the way but there are lessons to be learned and hidden blessings along the way!

jayna said...

great post, girl. brings a whole new meaning to "faith precedes the miracle", huh? i have been thinking a lot about this subject in recent months and am amazed at how things do work out. and as you say, sometimes more perfectly than you could have hoped.

here's to wishing we lived closer... ;)

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