Wednesday, February 16, 2011

3 Wednesdays left .

3 Wednesdays left .

and I'm done.

seriously so excited to see who this little guy looks like?!

Will he look like Peyton? Bald headed and solid as a rock? always tall and big for his age? I dressed him like a little man from day one.

Will he look like Liberty? who looks just like my side/me? she was so serious all the time unless it was truly funny. no gratuitous smiles for silly behavior from this girly.

Will he look like Paxton with blond curls and dimples? average sized and adorable.

Will he look like Joy who is all the hubs family and green eyed?

Will he look like Hope? Petite and tiny and the only blue eyed kid out of the bunch?

Will he look like Pierce? who is a repeat of Peyton, big bald shiny head, Who loves attention and smiled at everyone?

Or will we get something entirely new? dark hair maybe? blue eyes?

otherwise I'm slowly getting ready for his arrival. sometimes I wonder if I should pack a bag now just in case and yet what are the odds I won't make it to my scheduled delivery day? very unlikely to say the least considering I was induced 5 out of the 6 previous times.

Pierce and I went and registered the other day, he thought it was super awesome and totally got to do the scanning.

I however had a hard time grasping the fact that yes i need stuff from the baby aisles again.

i think all the years i longed to have another baby but the option was off the table (because the hubs said no) i had to avoid those aisles or feel sad. so eventually i stopped even going near them, told myself there was nothing great over there and eventually i brainwashed myself into thinking i never wanted to own anything from over there again, just to cope.

WHAM! SURPRISE! now, i need stuff.

Now there is all the same old stuff and a bunch of new crap like glass bottles, and super extra expensive deluxe car seats and strollers that look funny and are all the rage with the young first time moms.

not to mention trendy diaper bags that cost $350 bucks (which of course i want) but will never have. let's be real.

anyway, I'm getting ready, hanging in there and surviving.

every few days i find myself surprised again at the impending arrival. how that is even possible I'll never know.

The other day as i was groaning at the babies position while climbing into the car to drive the kids somewhere Peyton was shocked at 1. the sound i made and 2. the discomfort i complained about.

I had to explain to him about every freaking internal organ i have shoved up in the wrong area, jammed in tight and either blocked off or getting kicked randomly by this baby.

i think he finally understood this rock hard baby is taking up every inch of room in there. no i can't bend over. no i don't feel awesome. and holy crap no i can't breathe and let's give me a swift kick to the bladder while we are at it.

someday maybe he'll remember that when his wife is prego.

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Janeen said...

I miss those baby aisles. Good luck, Julie, and don't forget to wear your tiara!

NerdyRedneck Rob said...

Well three more weeks. have you checked for crazymommaof7 email addresses/blogspot yet? :)

You know, I always stay focused on the important stuff! :)

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