Sunday, February 20, 2011

Turtle, Turtle or a weekend review.

Saturday was the baby shower. It was awesome. Good food, tons of friends and family and super cute baby stuff! I'm feeling way more prepared now.

Since Pierce is super stoked about the impending arrival of his baby brother and he happened to stow away in the car, he came along to the baby shower with the girls and I.

I fully expected to have to call the hubs an hour in to come pick Pierce up, but he was SO GOOD!
And so stinking cute and excited about everything.


Saturday morning the hubs and Paxton went next door and cut out and sanded this years pinewood derby car. The design, cutting and sanding was done by Paxton with a little help from the hubs. Then today, I had the task of painting it.

We went with a red eared slider paint job.

Figuring it was A little easier to tell the species than the less common yellow bellied slider (we used to have one as a pet, which was cool but stinky and eventually died)

Anyway. It won't win for fastest car but we thought it was cool all the same.

Friday night we doubled with the neighbors down the street. We went out for mexican food which was heavenly and saw " The King's Speech". It's rated R for language.

There are 2 little sections were he cusses including the F Bomb a bunch of times in a row. ( it's no worse than spending the evening out with me or on a bad day). Good movie though and totally well played by Colin Firth.


That is pretty much my weekend.

The hubs is off to Toronto this week.

And I have just over 2 weeks left.


Hope you have a Fabulous Presidents day! (Saver's has 50% off all clothes)

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Jenifer said...

Nice paint job! Wow! I always look for forward to your pinewood cars. Glad to hear about the kings speech. I was supposed to go last weekend, but we had to reschedule. Looking forward to it. Can't believe two weeks to go!

Julie said...

You are SO TALENTED! That paint job is da' bomb! I'm so very impressed.

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