Monday, February 14, 2011

hugs and happy thoughts

There was a point in time I would have been calling today mildly disappointed day.

I've always had high expectations for valentines day.

And this year if I had the wrong attitude I'd have more than enough reason to feel slightly miffed about today.

Wonder why?

1. The hubs is flying out today of all days.

2. I have to go for a thyroid/neck ultrasound. This morning.

3. I failed to get the kids cute valentine outfits to wear.

4. I didn't bake any delicious sugar cookies.

5. I haven't purchased extra special surprises for the herd yet.

6. I barely decorated for my favorite holiday. (This is it)

I could go on. But i'll spare you.

Because i'm ok. I'm over it. Chalk this year up to mediocre at best. And be happy for the rest.

I'm looking on the brightside. Perspective goes a long way.

I'm happy because...
A. This year I am not on a special diet ,because i'm in the middle of my cancer follow up like a few years ago.

B. The hubs has a job to leave out of town for today. A job is better than holiday sex.

C. The kids didn't even notice this was the first year ever they didn't have new outfits or shirts to wear.

D. Someone loves me and delivered me cookies. Plus no mess to clean up and limited quantities = limited calories.

E. Extra special prizes = extra special crap they never wanna throw away.

F. Less decorations up = less to put away.

See attitude is everything.

Turns out I'm the only one who even cares about these valentine must have traditions.

This year i'm happy to chill with the kids and go to bed early.

Hope you find your bliss this valentines day!

Hugs and happy thoughts!

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tammy said...

Valentine's Day has always bugged me. I did get little gifts for my boys and hubs, and of course I decorated a little, but I'd rather be shown love for reasons other than a forced day. And going out to dinner is so cliche. I'd rather not be standing in line waiting to eat with everyone else celebrating. Plus what about all the people that don't have a sweetheart? How does it make them feel to have a day devoted to having someone to love? I always feel bad for them. Oh and Luvpilot just left for work for 3 days too. So there's my little rant about V-day.

Carie said...

You are a slacker for sure!

Jamie said...

Happy Valentine's Day Julie!

Lisa said...

I so agree with you on Valentine's day. I love my husband, but he just hasn't been the romantic type in 26 yrs. Why do I still expect him to bring me gifts? Oh well... at least my kids are doing better with their girlfriends.

How did the scan go? I think I missed you having thyroid cancer. So do I? Actually this month will be 10 years .. it has gone by so quickly. I have got to get to the doctor to get my tests done. Does your Thyroid run good? Mine is all over the board ..

Hope that the rest of your Valentine's Day will be great!!

Jen said...

Great way to look at it!! And as I have a butt load of sugar cookies I am quickly regretting making them, I like the idea of limited quantities since I am the one who will end up eating most of them.

VICKYFF said...

Many and profuse thanks for all you have done for us, Dear Internet Friends.Adorable! They make me smile! :D
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