Monday, February 28, 2011

deluding myself- babytown meets jr.high

What's up with me?

The hubs is gone all week and comes home for the weekends. We are still trying to find balance as far as, do we drop everything just to hang out with him or do we do what we've always done?

The baby is coming a week from Wednesday. Or anytime before then would suit me fine but the hubs would miss it.

and well i'm still not ready. More along the lines of household stuff and having the kids ready clothing wise for my absence.

Occasionally I seriously want a vacation from my body.

My right ear has been plugged for over a week, it's the most annoying thing ever and seriously effects my supersonic hearing. Right now i'm deaf in one ear and have some stellar ringing in it.

How is Babytown? Crampy , heavy & huge. But I still manage to sleep ok , so the baby is still better in than out.

Sometimes when i'm asleep I can even forget i'm pregnant. Until I stand up, gravity is not my friend.

I keep thinking i'll feel way better and more energetic once the baby is here.

Except i'm pretty sure i'm deluding myself.

For one thing I haven't been energetic for years.

How productive do I think i'll be when all i'll want to do is sit and cuddle my baby?

I confess, I've always been one to let everything go to crap to savor the newborn stage, I love babies. I'm well aware it doesn't last long enough.

the laundry will always be waiting for me. There will always be something to mop or wash. I can pay someone to do that stuff or it can wait until later.

But babies grow up too fast. And this will be my last one . I plan To soak it all in , and hopefully i'll find a way to slow time so this baby won't grow up in the blink of an eye like the others did.

Speaking of growing up, Peyton went on his first real scout overnighter. I spent all morning friday (and a small fortune) getting his camping stuff together. He's all set now. He had a great time and was thrilled with his new sleeping bag and tent.

Liberty is looking more teenager than little girl lately, holy cow.

And the other shocker to Me is Pierce is going to kindergarten next year. I still need to register him. I have until tomorrow.

While Peyton starts jr.high, his paperwork to register is due too.

Since when did these kids grow up?

Now it's a constant race against gravity and time.

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Julie said...

Shocking, huh?! I hope things go absolutely perfectly for you, Julie. You're a real trooper with a hubby gone all week. I hope, more than anything, that you really get to savor your time with this baby. Wonderful to have older children to help out and take care of things so you can. Hang in there!

jayna said...

amen, sister. a constant race against gravity and time for sure. good luck getting the baby here. hope the hubs is around for it. and, good night, i can't believe you have kids going into jr high.

tammy said...

They really grow up way too fast. I can't believe my oldest will be a sophomore next year. And he's wanting to travel to NY with his school this summer and I'm a little freaked out about letting him go that far without us. I thought letting him go to the Grand Canyon on his own was bad enough. I just want to lock them up forever.

Jamie said...

Isn't that the truth!!! I'm glad you're still sleeping well. I think newborns are scrumptious too!

Cynthia said...

That's wild! I can't imagine how hard it is to be more or less a single Mom of 6.98 kids 5 days a week. Ugh. I hope that it won't stay that way forever.

Can't wait to see pics of the new baby and oogle from afar (because that stage is behind me now, I just have to enjoy other people's babies).

Janeen said...

How lucky you are to be getting a newborn again and to understand how quickly they grow up. Good luck on your delivery. Looking forward to hearing the good news and seeing pictures!

Jill said...

Sorry I made you cry. It made me cry. and since you are all prego'd out then for sure your going to cry.

Good luck with the baby.

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