Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Rad-Pine wood derby tonight.

Rad- Sex offender moving out of the house next door.

Rad- cranberry sierra mist

Rad-snatching pics of weird people at the endocrinologists office

Rad- a visit to ob triage this week for monitoring /to investigate some upper abdominal pain which ended up being a strained rib from either coughing too much or the baby's pushing on it. (Since it comes for a day or two and then goes away with his position change? i'm thinking baby) but the cough doesn't help.

Why that was rad? Because it gave me the kick in the pants I need to pack my bag, and realize I need to get the kids all set for my absence.

Rad-i'm all registered at the hospital now,medical history done and set to go for when I deliver.

Rad- my purse matches my dress.

Rad-I go out with hideous bedhead and no make-up every morning because i'm already in the car (dropping the kids off at school) If I go home to get ready I don't make it out. I'm to the point I don't care.

Rad- Sometimes people seem to think I planned the extra volume and spikey haired look.

Rad- my neck scar looks better than the lady sitting in the office with me.

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Sweet Notations said...

Where do you find the Cranberry Sierra Mist, because the safeway by me only carries it during Christmas season. Love that stuff!!!

Mamarazzi said...

oh so stealthy on the pic. well done my friend.

my bedhead looks just like bedhead, i am jealous.

jayna said...

rad! can't wait to see the new addition when he comes!!

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