Thursday, February 10, 2011

feel free to lie

The pitying looks, the negative comments, can they just end please?

I have 27 days. Yes I waddle like I have a basketball between my thighs.

Yes my crotch hurts like I fell on the bar on a mens bicycle.

Yes I am exhausted and so totally over it. I have been miserable for months. And feel truly unattractive and have for MONTHS!

But if I have the gumption or at minimum the courtesy, to put on make-up, do my hair and put on jewelry and something other than my coral colored, paint spattered housedress/nightgown ,

take that as your cue to LIE TO ME and tell me I look great!

I put in the effort.

I probably lied to you and said I felt fine when you asked how I was doing. If I said I was surviving that is another clue I don't wanna be told I look like death warmed over.

If I say I am awesome or rad, pretend like you believe that I really mean it.

Please stop being so damn honest with me/insulting and telling me how miserable I look like I must feel.

I'm aware.

I'm rocking some sweet cankles. A super hot huge prego belly. And I have 27 days left.

My mustache has been waxed. My prego acne has finally slowed down and my belly moves all on it's own.

Now humor me.

No one wants to put in the effort to look/ feel decent and be told she looks anything other than FABULOUs

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CassiB said...

Oh mama, i'm so sorry, people actually tell you that you look miserable? are these people who have not been preggo? or just don't remember that last awful month? at least you put in the effort, i've got twice as long left and most days i don't give a rats. i'm sure you look fab, you always do =)

Mamarazzi said...

man people are dumb.

all i have ever told a pregnant woman is how beautiful they look. how the only part of their body that is showing baby is their belly and that their face, arms, legs all look svelte and great.

and honestly most of the time i really mean it.

and i think they all believe me.

i would kill for some cankles.

enjoy it this may be your last one.

i hope people are helping you, i wish i lived closer so i could take over mornings for you and let you sleep and wake up to a clean house and dinner in the freezer everyday!

i totally would do that for you ya know?

and i am not just saying that to make you feel better.

tammy said...

You looked cute at bunko.

And that's no lie.

Janeen said...

I bet you look great! You are so blessed to be getting another baby.
Babies are the best thing ever!

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