Tuesday, April 26, 2011

baby smiles

Patriot gives the best smiles when he's in a milk induced stupor.

I'm still mesmerized by his sweet deliciousness.

I love him in his cuddly footed jammies.

He has been sleeping well the last couple nights from 10 to 6:30. Of course i've jinxed myself now probably.

I've been busy running errands and shopping and he loves to ride in the car but whenever we stop for too long he starts to fuss. (The drive-thru is too long).

He is one that likes to go go go. (Peyton was like that.!!) On days that we don't go anywhere he's extra fussy, or if I leave him home with the hubs he cries the majority of the time.

It gets frustrating. For everyone.

The more active and louder it is the happier the baby is. Which is good because it's never calm or quiet around our house.

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Jenifer said...

Love those gummy smiles. Glad he is sleeping! Too cute.

Jamie said...

He's SO cute!!

Julie said...

My house too and our #7's survived pretty darned well, but the jury's still out. ;o)

He's sure darling! Seems like those smiles come right at the perfect time. His sleep schedule sounds heavenly. Hope you never have a short night again.

Jen said...

Love those baby smiles!

CassiB said...

Love those smiles! We call it "milk coma" I have to be careful that the house does not get too quiet during the day while the girls are at school, little dude sleep better with chaos too.

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