Wednesday, April 27, 2011

randoms from the herd

Pierce just took a whole bag of bird seed and put it in a bowl to take down the street to the retention basin. Birdy picnic, here he comes.


Joy told me this afternoon she used to have two hobbies...

1. Picking rocks out of the bottom of her shoe with a pencil.

2.picking scabs.

Awesome. As she was droning on in her after school play by play, the baby was fussing and I was honestly close to losing it with her. This tidbit made me smile and giggle. So I tolerated her monologue a little longer.

I just imagined her stating that as her hobby in a beauty pageant interview. Hilarious. we don't do pageants since I could totally turn into a crazy pageant mom.


Riding in the car the other night we were packed in like sardines.
9 people in a 9 seater Yukon XL. It's cozy. Hope was sitting in the 3rd row when we (the hubs and I) heard her tell someone, "put a sock in it, a real one!"

We have no idea where she learned that phrase but were totally entertained she whipped it out.


Liberty got her first real pair of high heels last week.

I am now officially living vicariously through her. I love her new shoes they are just what I want for myself but alas there aren't any cute shoes in my size.

Anyway she wore her heels to the movies on friday with a super short dress. (With shorts underneath.)

I might have even said she looked like a hooker. Which bit me in the rear because then I had to explain what that meant. I am awesome.

She still wore the outfit out.

Like I said i'm living vicariously.

I might say modest is hottest, but I KNOW her ability to wear short dresses and sleeveless clothes is fleeting.

I also realize looking at her, how attractive I was back in the day. And now I see why I always got in trouble for wearing too short of shorts and dresses.

She looks just like I did but SHE has the confidence I never had. She's gorgeous.

And holy crud does she look 11 to you?

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Erica@PLRH said...

I love that you call your family the herd.

Jen said...

Oh how I love Joy! And Liberty is so grown up! Watch out for the next decade! She will have the boys all around and that will keep you on your toes I am sure!

Sarah said...

rationalizing Liberty: yes, she wears short shorts and dresses, but isn't she also mega tall for her age? so that basically, anything that would be normal length on a normal person is going to look super short on her.

and you live in AZ, so its justified.

AND, her momma has 6 kids and a new baby and can't be bothered with hopping all over town looking for shorts that would appear "normal" on her.

AND AND, i'm totally with you on the "the time to wear short shorts is fleeting." rock it while you can!!

Julie said...

I hope I get your meet your herd someday. I think my crew'd get a real kick out of your herd.

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