Wednesday, April 6, 2011

random facts and questions

I used to only like brown haired dolls with brown eyes. (Like me)

I remembered that this morning when Liberty said the same thing.

She was wishing her blue eyed doll had brown eyes.


My girls think they need a mini fridge in their room.

I said no, citing the fact that I don't have one and if anyone is getting one it should be me. Liberty decided she will ask for one for christmas. I might ask for one too.


Riot has outgrown his newborn sized clothes. He only had a couple of outfits anyway but sheesh how sad is that? It bums me out. They were super cute and I have no reason to hold onto them. :(


It's prom season. Which brings back memories.

Did you go to prom?

I didn't go my senior year. No one asked and I didn't want to hafta be lame and ask a guy. I wish I would have gone anyway.

I was hot back then. I realize that now, I had no idea back in the day.

The Guys at my high school were idiots.

I went to prom sophomore and junior year at different high schools.

With seniors.

Because I was hot.

No really, I was.

That isn't why those guys took me to prom. They were infatuated with me.

I mean I was pretty fabulous! even then.

We reconnected on fb. One is still my friend.

The others wife got crazy jealous and unfriended me because he was my stalker and I was the only other girl he'd ever loved. LOL.

I am feeling super humble obviously. ;)


Tell me about prom.

Who did you go with?

What was your dress like?

Are your fb friends with your prom dates?

Would you let your kids have a mini fridge in their room?

Do you want a mini fridge in yours?

What color hair did you prefer on your dolls as a kid?

Would you say...

you are better with age?


You were hotter back in the day?

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CassiB said...

I didn't ever go to prom, we were saving our money to move out together ;)
Yes I would love a mini fridge, that is so rockstar!! No I wouldn't let my kids, I can only imagine how much messier their rooms would be with wrappers and cans and crap!
Fave doll was my cabbage patch, she had blonde hair hazel eyes, like me. None if my others did.
Bummer that babies have to get big so fast! I'm hoping this one is little and stays that way awhile.

Janna said...

My Prom date is not a friend on fb. But I am with his sister ;) I want a fridge in our room to hide the good stuff that always ends up missing when I want it.
As for dolls blue eyes

Rebecca Irvine said...

Blonde hair
No mini fridge
I am not fb friends with my one prom date (I did not get asked my senior year either :-(, but I wish I had been asked). I was better looking back then, but can't say I have ever been hot--I'm only just mediocre. My figure was much nicer back then, but I did not realize it.

Nancy Pitney said...

I just went to the mall today and saw all the prom dresses. I have to say, where were all these dresses when we were in high school? I got my senior prom dress at a bridal shop (it was a bridesmaid dress and cost like $250). I think all the dresses are so cute now. I know they are immodest (to the LDS standards), but I always wore sleeveless stuff in high school anyway. Might as well, while you have the chance, right? Anyway, I was super hot in high school too and if I had my high school body I think I would totally go try on some of those dresses just for fun.
Agreed about the boys from high school. I only went to my Senior prom with a guy from Mesa High (who happened to be my boyfriend--still friends on FB). I never dated anyone at Mtn. View. Who would? :)

Julie said...

I went to prom with Kent Harrison. Yes, he is a facebook friend of mine. We went to both of our proms. I liked his WAY better. On my facebook, in my photos, there is a picture of us from prom. I HATED my dress. He was WAY hotter than I am. I always wondered what he ever saw in me, but okay, who'm I do argue with his taste?

No on the fridge cuz that just means they'll eat in their room, and EW!

I didn't care what color hair my dolls had. I just remember I used to cut their hair and my mom'd get really mad at me.

I don't know if "hot" is the right word for me. I was cute. I don't know what I am now. I don't know if there is a descriptor for me now. Funny, or maybe sad, but I don't think about that now.

andrea said...

No prom. My friends and I went to a movie instead, and then TP'd the cars in the parking lot of where prom, we weren't bitter wallflowers, why would you ask that?! ;)

No mini-fridge in the kids rooms, EVER. They are pigs already, don't need something to create a bigger mess. We don't even have a small fridge in the basement snackbar area for the reason that they wouldn't control themselves or pick-up messes.

My favorite dolls had brown hair and blue eyes, like me.

I was much better back in the day. (Won't say hot, I don't think I was ever hot.) Now I'm just old! ;)

Erica@PLRH said...

As a child, I wouldn't play with Barbies because they didn't have red hair and blue eyes. In high school and college I was hot but like you didn't know it. If only I had my 19-yr-old body. Sigh. I didn't go to prom because I was home sick with mono. But I am friends with my college boyfriend on FB.

Tracy said...

I went to prom, big hair, big poofy dress. Teal and hot pink. I was hot! We used to call cute boys "foxes" like "Oh, he's such a fox!" I told my 11 yr old my first boyfriend was such a fox and she said "Eww gross, why would you date an animal??" LOL

Mama T. said...

I went to prom my junior year. We're still friends. I made my dress. It was light blue. He wore a light blue tux. Totally 80's. I want a mini fridge in my classroom at school. I didn't like to play with dolls because my grandma's house was a doll museum and every time we went there, the dolls stared at me. I'm better with age. I was hotter when I was younger but I'm much more interesting now.

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