Saturday, May 7, 2011

feeling like a foxy mama, or trying to anyway.

It's mothers day week.

Fun, overwhelming,busy,crazy chaotic, blissful,stressful,joyful,bittersweet.

Everything that describes motherhood fits this week.

Some people feel it's guilt inducing.

Inspirational messages Make us feel like we aren't as good as we can be.

Guilt over not wanting to go anywhere or do anything on the big day.

Guilt over being mildly disappointed our families didn't do enough.

resentment over wanting it to just be about us.

guilt over being mad the house is a mess and the kids are bickering.

I've had good years and bad. Just like I have good days and bad days as a mother.

Sometimes attitude is everything.

Other times you just have to go ahead and have a fit. Weepy, screaming, overwhelmed, under-rested, super stressed mom fit.

Kids do it. I say moms can too.

So I told the hubs I refuse to go to church unless I have a new dress. I might buy shoes too. I'll forgo the matching purse since i'm rocking the diaper bag look.

I super love setting my purse {luggage} down and discovering the bottle leaked, diapers are falling out all over and I can't find anything i'm looking for.


I was reminded I wanted this. I did. I just wasn't aware it was gonna be this hard.

And damn it if Hallmark didn't ruin it for all of us setting up these expectations.

Time to get over it.

happy freaking mothers day.

Here's hoping we don't all wake up to a kitchen full of dirty dishes Monday morning.

And I am super hopeful I find a hot dress to wear.

Nothing like feeling like a foxy mama.

Or trying to anyway...

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The Thomas Family said...

Happy Mother's Day. Hope it's a great one for you!

Julie said...

So, did you get the dress? If so, I want to see photos. I love your real way of looking at things. You just make me laugh. Hope it was a perfect day for you!

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