Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Tales from the Herd...

I started my new blog. the title?

I posted about my mothers day over there.

I think I might keep both blogs. I'm not sure yet though. I'm not sure what to do about my FB profile linked to Crazymamaof6.

in other news....

Patriot went for his 2 month appointment today.

he was 2 months on the 3rd. or 9 weeks last Thursday.

but today, he weighed in at 14.04 lbs.

he's 24 inches long

his head is 16 inches around.

he's not tiny. he smiles often now, and he's starting to coo and bat at his toys.

he pinches the hubs and pulls his arm or chest hair.

Patriot just likes to grab onto my shirt though or put his arm in my cleavage, he must be a boob man already. I think it's funny so i take pictures of it and text them to the hubs.

Today was lovely outside. sunny but cool so i thought, HEY perfect day to lay out and get started on my tan.

Pierce was playing computer upstairs and Patriot was napping so i changed and went out by the pool.

pretty soon Pierce used his monkey toes to climb up and let himself into the pool area.

(he grips the bars between his big toe and his 2nd toe and climbs up high enough to open the lock, or he demonstrated how he can just climb all the way over the top.)

Then Patriot woke up and the hubs brought him out to me to take care of.

I gave up on my plan to tan, and went inside.

apparently i shouldn't even attempt it while the kids are around. sigh. maybe during preschool i'll try again.

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Jen said...

LOL Patriot is as big as the twins at almost 5 months! Cute pic of him!

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