Thursday, May 5, 2011

I'm like june cleaver only with more cleavage and vulgar language.

It's been a CRAZY WEEK!

I hostessed bunko HERE which lead to major cleaning and overhauling of my house.

I had the yard guys come, the carpets cleaned, the maid came for an extra long time and I reupholstered my front room cornices, shopped like a maniac, revamped throw pillows and prepared food. it was a success but crazy getting it all done in time. i'm thrilled with the results.

Add that delight to our Sunday blessing of the baby,

having my sisters family over to dinner and squeezing in the MOTHERS DAY TEA at preschool Tuesday.

Wednesday night i was privileged to be invited to a mothers day dinner with my 12 year old.

tomorrow?today. depending when you read this i get to go to 1st grade for Hope's mothers day program. yeehaw.

We had 3 dentist appointments this week. I have bunko friday night. and MOTHERS DAY is coming.

oh and i seem to have failed in my duties for teacher appreciation gifts. it's FRIDAY ALREADY?

i can tell the school year is wrapping up. it's getting crazier with reports due and projects galore.

I'm so ready for a little more flexibility to sleep in this summer. i'm beat.

I've been in a little blogging rut. i need to revamp my blog. and decide if i'm taking on my title as crazymama of 7.

i need to decide if i wanna go to a dot com address or stay blogger.

i am debating staying crazymamaof6.

i have a hard time giving it up. the hubs thinks it's time and a must .

i still resist. i have a craZymamaof7 email but haven't switched over. i resisted back when i became crazymama of 6 instead of crazymama of 5. it's hard for me.

anyway. lots going on. i have more i want to redo in my front room. and i've got posts floating around in my head and on my phone i just can't seem to finish and post them. oh well.

i know the suspense was killing you and you missed me loads. ;)

in the mean time i've been wildly domestic. baking cookies, making home made soft tacos for cinco de mayo, sewing things and planning for more sewing projects.

I'm like june cleaver only with more cleavage and vulgar language.

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CassiB said...

Love the post title! Fits perfectly!!

Becky said...

I laughed so hard- June Cleaver with more cleavage. I love it! I always feel torn between the busy craziness of the older children and my desire to just hold the new baby. I usually opted for the new baby:-) Good luck with the end of school!

Renee said...

That last line, THAT is why I love your blog! And I feel your pain about end of school madness!

I forgot teacher appreciation too...I'm just doing an end of year thing now I guess...

jayna said...

i love the new title AND email address! change can be so good that way... who knows, the new title may be inspiring!! hope the end of the year isn't too crazy for you!

Julie said...

Oh June, I mean Julie, it makes me tired just to read this list of stuff. Ugh! How do you do it? You're amazing! I love that you do all the extras. Very fun stuff.

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