Wednesday, May 11, 2011

trekkies like homemade jam too, and comments.

Pierce looks like a Romulon.
He has a huge bump on the bridge of his nose, it's purplish-blue. (It's hard to see in the picture)

I bet you wonder why he's paying tribute to Star Trek?

Let me tell ya the story. Go ahead, pop some corn and sit a spell...

The other day I was cashing in on my mothers day nap (since I didn't have time on mothers day).

The boys came home from school and decided to put together the basketball hoop the kids got for christmas. (Don't ask) .

Anyway while they were doing that, the box it came in, sat to the side. waiting for a genius suggestion to ride it down the stairs.

One of the big boys rode down successfully without injury.

Then Pierce took his turn.

He nailed his face on the railing at the bottom of the stairs.

Yup. Genius. Guess who suggested the riding down the stairs?

The hubs, of course. Awesome.


In other news new blog? It had visitors. About 98 people stopped by. Which is rad.

Not rad? A whopping 5 comments total? Seriously? LAME.

The comment to visitor ratio had me wallowing yesterday.

I'm not feeling the love peeps.

Now you know.

Almost had me going private or quit blogging all together. Sigh.

The hubs told me I should quit and just write a book.

It won't be happening, books don't get comments or interaction. Jeez

Today I was channeling my inner molly Mormon and whipped up some homemade strawberry jam.

There was a funny story about the shopping trip for supplies today. Maybe i'll tell it over on my new blog.

i baked chocolate chip cookies and rolls too.

it is my professional opinion you cannot make homemade jam without fresh baked rolls to eat it on. the hubs had no idea of that particular stipulation but he was not sad in the least.

i guess i am no longer domestically disabled. i better get a new profile picture.

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Rebecca Irvine said...

I feel the same way about comments on my blog, so I just stopped looking at the stats. I don't need anything else making me feel bad about myself!

CassiB said...

I promise to comment next time I'm there!

Wendy Phelps said...

I usually only have a mo' to stop by and read! Doesn't mean I am not lovin' the posts. Kiss that Pierce for me! Poor kid. Sounds just like my brother to suggest something like that!Love ya' Jules!

Jamie said...

Wow! My family would be in heaven if I made all that yummy stuff! You go girl.

Jamie said...

Wait....what is your new blog?

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