Friday, May 13, 2011

Raddoms = rad + randoms

Purses, heels, prom dates, sidekicks and jam. Random indeed!


I just bought a new purse.

I was pretty satisfied with the price and style of it.

I was showing the hubs. Pointing out the outside pockets "just right for bottles".

He liked it fine.

Then I told him about a purse I "loved"!

It was black and silver damask print. But didn't have the handy outside bottle pockets I was looking for.

Right after that, the following statement left my mouth...

"I went with this one, I'm all about function over style."

He looked at me open mouthed.

And I repeated the same sentence over again.

The light bulb went on, and I realized something has gone horribly wrong.

Function over style?


That is SO NOT ME!

Sure I like a healthy marriage of function and style. But i've always been one to pick the fabulous purse over a basic one.

And suddenly...7 kids has taken me to a place where practicality is on the top of my list?

I need some medication. Something is horribly wrong with my brain.

Don't get me wrong this new purse is definitely not plain, by any means.

It's lime green and zebra.

The problem lies with the fact that "it's so last year!" (Maybe even two years ago I was rocking a hot pink and zebra version)

Of course that explains why it was on clearance too.

Oh well, a little function will go a long way these days and since it was cheap I won't feel bad ditching it in a month if I decide style is more important than function again.

Still the realization that maybe I have become more "practical" almost killed me.

Practical is kind of like frugal and they are both something I don't identify with.

Hey, since i'm swapping out my purse maybe it's time to play...


Watch for that post it's sure to be delightful.


Someone asked me on Sunday who Liberty went to Prom with?!

"Ummm, she didn't go to prom, she's only 11."

I guess her satin easter dress could totally work for Prom. And her Sunday shoes are those fabulous heels.

But seriously the most she could pass for is 14 (maybe).


Yesterday was the school spring band concert. All the little 5th grade girls freaked out over her shoes.

"You are already tall, why do YOU need high heels?"

Her reply? " so what if i'm tall , i wear them because they look fabulous!"

All they could say was, "Well that's true. "

I've Trained her well.


The other week I overheard Joy and Pierce arguing about who got to have Patriot as their sidekick.

Joy said,"Patriot is my sidekick. Liberty has Hope. Peyton and Paxton get Pierce. So Patriot is mine."

Pierce got mad and insisted Patriot was his sidekick.

Next thing I heard was,"NO! You can't have a sidekick, you ARE a sidekick!"


I must admit I don't know what to call Patriot, I lean towards wanting to call him my sidekick now but you all know that is Pierce's title.

Dilemmas dilemmas


After I made that strawberry freezer jam the other day I sent the kids out to go take some to the neighbors. Everyone got to deliver some. Pierce thought it was extra fun so he took another plastic jar of it and was all set to deliver it.

Awhile later he came back to me in the kitchen and said his jar exploded.

Hmmm it sounded fishy to me so I went out front to see why.

Turns out he was riding his bike with it, in circles and eventually dropped it.

Of course it exploded.

Luckily the plastic jar didn't break, the lid just popped off.

That kid kills me.

So now I have questions for you...

Purses- function or style?

How much do you generally pay for a purse.

What color purse do you gravitate toward?

Do you think Liberty looks old enough for prom?

Are you ready for summer? I just realized we only have 1 full week left and 4 days the week after that.

Holy cow!

That's an ugly thought and yet...that means my birthday is not that far away either. Yay. (It's the 25th)

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Jen said...

Ummm after having been around you for the past few years style has overtaken the functionality side for me ;)! And I am willing to spend a little more on a fabulous purse. Jeff can now blame you for that!

Mamarazzi said...

when i read function over style my mouth fell open too...serious slack jaw style. lol

love the purse you chose though, perfect for Summer.

i need a little of both function and style.

i typically pay anywhere from $40-$100...but back in the day my ex once dropped a LOT of money on a Tod's bag for it.

i tend to gravitate towards black or brown...if i can find a cute one with both black and brown leather it's a total win.

No. Liberty looks her age...and i love her reply, heels are not for looking taller they ARE for looking FABULOUS!

NOT ready for Summer. i need a few more weeks and another paycheck. THEN i will be ready!!

tammy said...

I have to have the purse that does both. Function and style. I am picky. And I would like it to be under $50.

Jamie said...

Purses definitely style over function. Diaper bags on the other hand...function!

It's hard for me to spend more than $30 on a purse unless it's a bday present or something like that.

I love colorful purses.

Liberty DOES NOT look old enough for prom!!!

SO not ready for summer. Thankfully ours doesn't start until June 8th!

jes said...

i think i just really like a good looking purse...i do not really care if it is practical. and no i do not think liberty looks old enough for prom.

Rebecca Irvine said...

I am a boring functionality person, I have to admit. The color has to be neutral to go with everything (because I never change purses for an outfit). In fact, I am so lame that I keep the same purse for several years. I wait until it wears out to replace it. But I have to admit I have yet to find one that fits all the functionality needs I want in a purse.

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