Monday, May 16, 2011

What's in your purse?

It's a fan favorite.

I got a new purse and since i'm swapping out and moving in...we'll play. Yay!

I'm moving out of my giant black rose and ruffle trim purse


lime green zebra.

It's the outside pockets, they sucked me in with the functionality.

Let's get started!

1. Blue leather envelope holding my shot records.

2.formula holder with 3 eight oz. Bottles worth.

3. Small square Black make up bag with baby essentials- extra romper outfit, 2 binkies and a diaper.

4. My black bling wallet stuffed so full it won't snap closed. (I lays wide open)

5. A striped soft pack of diaper wipes (loving the soft packs).

6. An empty black coin purse I was using for a Binky holder. (It now holds the random yellow Binky i found floating with the dregs in the bottom of the bag)

7. 2 bungee cords. I confiscated them from Pierce last week and had been lugging them around in my bag since then. Rad. (What you don't let your 4 year old have bungee cords?)

8. A lamb squeaky toy Patriot got in his Easter basket. A pull string frog baby toy that hangs on the carseat and wiggles.

9. A pink coin purse containing 3 different chapsticks, my lipstick, my juicy couture roll on perfume, emergency thyroid pills in case I forget to take them . a pair of flag-printed-handled embroidery scissors. a single piece of gum, Patriot's ankle band from the hospital.a blister pack of zantac and a single pepcid.

10. A ziploc biggie with generic mylicon and prescription liquid zantac for the baby, plus the syringe for dosing the zantac. (He has acid reflux and gas).

11. 2 cameras my old Lumix with a cracked lcd screen. And my new green Fuji waterproof camera. (I wanted a big fancy Nikon or Cannon camera but every mom needs a handy purse camera and somehow our tax return didn't stretch far enough to get the big camera I was dreaming of. *Sigh* we are hoping waterproof and shock proof will help this camera last longer. )

12. 2 travel size bottles of lotion in Carried Away and Forever Sunshine scents. 1 "mom rocks" bath and body works mini sanitizer in hot vanilla sugar scent.

13. 2 pairs of baby socks. One blue and white pair and one plain white pair.

14. The dregs- A mesh bag, a safety pin and the snap that came off the inside flap of my purse (which necessitated the purchase of the new purse,it wouldn't stay closed and everything kept falling out). A dove chocolate candy wrapper. 3 wadded up straw wrappers. A button off the hubs suit coat that I need to sew back on.

15. 71 cents in change

16. Inside zipper pocket? A lipstick (clinique pink chocolate), a black permanent marker and a gold pen with my real name on it.

17. Outside zipper pocket? My keys (notice the FABULOUS keychain and the cupcake lipgloss holder keychain) and my silver charm necklace I wore on Sunday, the huge charm says "my kids rock".

I'd just removed my 15 mothers day cards the kids made for me at church, this morning. Lots Of my mom rocks and I love love love you lots! Notes.

Really my purse wasn't too bad this time. Heavy as always but not horribly overfilled with beverages and multiples of everything.

It's your turn.

Clean out and post what's in your purse!

What are 5 things you can't live without, in your purse?

Mine are....

1. Lipstick (really the whole pink pouch) keys
3.sunglasses wallet with money in it.
5. My Cell phone.

I need baby stuff too obviously but apparently i'm super scared to be out without binkies. (As evidenced by the 3 in my bag.)

Play along you probably need to clean out your purse too don't you?

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Kimm said...

I love your new purse! It's fabulous. I have yet to move my stuff into my new purse......

Jenifer said...

hand sanitizer.
Wallet (duh)
various stomach ailment pills
red pen

CassiB said...

I need to find a new purse. I'm sick of the diaper bag already, too big and bulky, was a pain to have at church but the little diaper bag I have is just too little. And my fab new red purse is too small too. Good thing my bday is Sunday!

Lance said...

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