Thursday, May 19, 2011

typing one handed is a skill not a hobby

i have a new post over on Tales from the herd.

i have a meager amount of followers so far over there.

since i posted recently about my lack of hobbies I've been trying to find some.

or realize i have had hobbies all along and just never realized it.

i guess making jam is a hobby.

collecting vintage milk glass counts as a hobby doesn't it?

my love of video game playing is a hobby even if i haven't done it lately.

typing one handed is a skill not a hobby, but i do it all the time these days.

blogging is easier on my phone while baby holding thus posting more often over on this blog. but the other blog could see more action soon.

maybe i need a poll and a prize offering.

i'll think about it. share your opinion here or there.

k thanks bye wink ;)

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CassiB said...

I think those are good hobbies.

Mamarazzi said...

you crack me up...i haven't figured out how to blog from my phone yet. my phone still kind of scares me.

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