Wednesday, May 18, 2011

we don't tape the baby's mouth shut...

Pierce had a piece of tape. (Blue painters tape)

Then the baby started crying.

Pierce: Here mom use this to shut the baby up. (Handing me the tape)

Me: Ummm no. We don't tape the baby's mouth shut.

Pierce: I do.

Just one more reason pierce isn't left alone with the baby.

The other day I was in the bathroom when I overheard liberty yelling at pierce that he's not supposed to jump over the baby.


So I hit goodwill today with my friend Jes. (On the way to the lab for a blood draw) .

I found some awesome knee high black leather boots in Liberty's size.

After school she tried them on.

She thought they were fabulous.

I thought so too, so when I said,"wow liberty those look awesome."

I wasn't completely surprised when she responded with,"yes,I think I know that!"


When I was giggling about it to myself in the bathroom, she heard me and asked what I was laughing about.

I answered nothing and laughed even harder when she said I sounded like a hyena.


Tuesday was the last sing and listen day in music this year for Joy in 3rd grade.

She'd been wanting to bring in Neon Trees all year.

She finally got to share her fave band with the class.

She is a super fan and has me committed to taking her next time they come to AZ.

A girl in her class has heard Animal before and wanted her to play that one.

She picked track 4- Your Surrender. (It's the one on the Prom soundtrack ).

I still want to go see Prom. Maybe I'll take my girls for my birthday.

She was mocking the little girl that brought the Justin Bieber cd.

I guess the teacher asked if there were any cuss words on the cd, "yeah, on track 6 it says the f-word. My mom said I couldn't play that song for the class if I brought the cd. "

I have the edited version of the cd somewhere but the original one is all I could find.

I admit I was slightly embarrassed she told him that. He would never have known. Now he probably thinks things of me. Oh well.

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crystal said...

Neon Trees are coming to Utah in October for a small rooftop concert.....

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