Friday, June 10, 2011

the best laid plans of crazymama

I never thought I'd be a once or twice weekly blogger. Somehow in the last year it's happened.

I always thought if I had a new baby I'd document everything.

Every week a new picture. With a cute sign or stuffed animal to see how big it was getting in reference.

I take pics but don't always post them but there is no sign or cute animal because frankly an animal would be one more item in my house we don't need.

I almost always do headshots with my uber fab camera phone. And the picture quality is stellar of course.

Maternity shots. When it came down to it all i could think was Gross!

I looked hideous this pregnancy i felt more than hideous. could you imagine? Super ugly. Not happening.

And if they were edited to the hilt it would have been fab and yet unrealistic.

Ps. I'm talking about Mine! Not other people. Theirs are ok.

Delivery room shots. Would you believe me if I told you I have yet to look at the ones we actually took.

And again, looking hideously ugly.

I didn't want my professional brother or sister in law coming along for the ride and being my only delivery support person. So what my mom shot is what we get.

After delivery...well let's just say a c-section you aren't feeling your best. Or looking decent either.

Let's be real.

In the pics we got when the kids came to visit I was bawling. And yet trying to smile and just UGLY. I posted one of me and the kids and ended up taking it down I hated it.

Newborn shots. I suck. Apparently prime time to do it is 3 or 4 days old and I was still in the hospital.

The ones we got on the way home were ok and yet I haven't ordered them and the actual newborn shoot too. Which by the time we went for it he was 5 weeks old and opinionated and pooped on the blanket.

Sigh. And again must order pics.

Best laid plans.

And the ban. On takeout? We've been on staycation all week. The hubs and I. So, we went out. Lunch, dinner, drinks. I went out on a long overdue lunch date and today we are doing a play lunch date.

Convenience is king with crazymama and takeout is my new lover.

We should break up i'll try again on Monday. But it doesn't look good. The hubs will be in NY and summertime with 7kids doesn't look good for quitting take out.

I have to stay sane somehow.

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Lori Thompson said...

Aww, don't break up with your new lover! It's always fun to go out and have variety! Make cac n cheese or cereal for the kiddos and you go slurge!

jes said...

see you at lunch!!!!! it will be fabulous!

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