Tuesday, June 7, 2011

It's gonna take some magic.

HOLY CRAP i miss so much on my google reader from my phone. i didn't realize it though until i finally logged in on my real computer. (DAMN MOBILE SITES)

honestly i'm not a fan of mobile sites. i want full browsing from the palm of my freaking hand. who wants simplified snippets? NOT I!

I'm up at the butt crack of dawn

(which is sadly starting to become habit, HOW DID THIS HAPPEN TO ME?)

To watch Mamarazzi's monthly Vlog where she mentioned ME!

I was supposed to be in San Fransisco this week tagging along on a business trip with the hubs.

a mini vacay if you will.

the herd is with my Mother in law having a spectacular time.

(they are gone still, even though the hubs and i didn't get to go.)


The location he was supposed to be doing upgrades and training at had some technical difficulties then it all went to crap last week,

so they are still trying to figure out what's up with the software

and yada yada...ended up crapping on my plans.

plus apparently this is NOT the week i would ever have planned to leave the herd because turns out, we have appointments. and I have bunko. and a few other things that i didn't realize i had scheduled when my mother in law said she could take the kids. ( somehow i didn't even realize last week looking to this one, what the heck is going on with appointments, no wonder i'm crazy and no wonder i feel rushed and out of sorts.)

So long story short, i'm hoping to meet up with Mamarazzi in CA SOMETIME this summer . maybe with the whole herd. because that would be CRAZY FUN!

so you know that no take out challenge? 5 days with NO VISIT TO MY PEEPS!

we didn't even go out to eat on date night last week. WTH?

the hubs started spaghetti for dinner, for the herd on date night. and I like spaghetti.

why would I eat out?

date night food for the kids is supposed to be something i don't want to eat.

and something EASY.

like ramen, or microwave cheese crisps. not something like pasta with meat sauce and Italian buttery seasoned bread.

be real!

so we ate at home. and got custard for dessert. so really only half of a date night take out usage.

i confessed to the hubs that even if i had the money for that purse i ♥, and even if i had his blessing to buy it , I probably wouldn't be able to ACTUALLY do it.

again, on the telling of this he went slack jawed, SHOCKED that I would EVER,

NOT buy something i had money for and professed to love.

somehow my brain got messed up when i had this last baby.

or maybe it was that WHOLE FREAKING YEAR OF HELL (being Poor last year) that has converted my once frivolous and exorbitant brain into one of a frugal person.

it's still unclear how this transformation has occurred.

it's sort of like my getting up early, new habit.


that's obvious , the baby.

except he is still asleep. and I am wide a-freaking-wake.


(whispering) we must make sure NO ONE FINDS THE BODY BECAUSE SHE SUCKED AND YOU ROCK!"

yeah he said that.


but pretty much.

maybe it's the thought of paying for the herd to have braces. HOLY SHIZ.

I've decided #1 has to get started this summer with that.

(loud magician, announcer voice)

and now to pull the rabbit out of my hat.

'cuz paying for it is gonna take some magic.

i still need to catch up on my posting of the end of school delights.

and i Probably won't be posting about my job since it's involved and confusing for everyone i tell.

but i will say i work for the hubs small business doing crazy crap with demand response energy and big companies for a small utility company back east.

things to comment about....

me getting up early.

Me being frugal. (it's such an ugly word)

how do you Feeel about mobile sites vs real websites? rad or lame?

Braces? did you ever have them and would you get them again? I TOTALLY WANT THEM AGAIN! (my wisdom teeth FINALLY came in when i was 28 and they totally effed up my teeth.)

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Carie said...

Hello new crazy mama, I need you to know that I feel tricked, you were my one standard to hold myself to, so that I always knew I was doing a better job then you, yeah that's right I said it, your downfalls were my up swings, if I felt bad I read your blog and knew at least I had it more together then you! Now with you go and try and get it together, I just might not be a follower now, I just might have to send ugly comments instead to try and drag you down, I have loyally followed you long enough to know that anonymous mean comments drive you extra crazy, haha it would do my heart good tho to knock you down a few pegs, who do you think you are getting it all together? Certainly not the crazy mama I have come to know and strive to be better than. I check back, maybe if I'm lucky you will post that you have slept in till noon or gone to sonic,costa, and pizza all in the same day, and just for kicks you snuck and bought that purse and have it hidden under all your dirty clthes in your closet, then I will know you care! Wow that about killed my add to focus and type this all out on my iPad, you should be extra grateful!
I'm off to go back to bed, you should try it.

KayDee said...

Hello:) I know I never comment. But I love reading your blog and your comments on face book!!!

I dont know if you have heard of the dental school on higley and baseline. I have a friend with seven kids and she has three teenagers with braces and she takes them there. She says its cheaper and they are great with the kids. Just a thought if you have not heard of it.

Sorry I walked right by you on friday, I had my sunglasses on and couldnt see anything.

Sorry you didnt get to go out of town:( Hopefully you will get to go soon!

See ya on friday.

Jenifer said...

I'm IN braces. At 34. They hurt like hell but I'm loving the results. Didn't want to pay for myself and two kids (let alone 7) for braces, so I got me a job at the orthodontist. Genius, right? ;)
And I still use the old fashioned phone, so I don't really know what you mean with the other stuff. hahaha

tammy said...

I hear ya on the being frugal thing. I hate/love it. I rethink every purchase now.

And braces? Taylor is about 2-3 years overdue. Poor kid.

Mamarazzi said...

i am soooo super sad that it didn't work out, but still hopeful that it will happen. bring the herd, y'all are totally welcome here and i know all the fun, cheap or FREE places for daily adventures.

think about it!

jayna said...

i'm with ya. mobile sites are LACKING. especially delta's.

i love that you are getting up early! i've always been an early riser (i.e.: grandma) but i like it better for some reason...

and the frugal thing happened to me too. i used to be a shopaholic. then leaner times came (financially) and that sort of cured me. now i'm at the point where i want to purge a bunch of stuff in my house. live simpler. and when i do buy? i have got to LOVE LOVE LOVE it as well as think it over for a long time.

braces. had them. love what they did. i'm 13 posts behind on you... gots to catch up.


Becky said...

Julie! We are starting the braces adventure with our kids this summer and I keep putting it off. I just know when we start we are facing the next 12-14 YEARS with monthly visits to the ortho. Sigh. Good luck!

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