Sunday, June 12, 2011

Joy is nine and doing fine!

Joy is 9 today!

She used to star regularly on this blog so some of you know her.

9 things about Joy!

1. Her favorite colors are blue, brown and purple.

2. Her fave food is tacos. And her beverage of choice is root beer. But she'll suck down anything speedy fast.

3. She loves adult attention and a captive audience. She's a close talker. She isn't afraid to talk to anyone. (If she isn't getting enough attention she calls my mom and she ALWAYS says yes to Joy coming over and picks her up.)

4. She's a fabulous reader and read a few of the Harry Potter series, Twilight and Little House on the Prairie series this year. (We had no idea she had been reading anything until she came home with her AR tests.)

5. She knows what is right, what the rules are and she'll tell ya straight out if you are doing something wrong.

6. She never forgets anything, Ever!

7. She is caring and sensitive. She cries in movies (always has). She loves animals, and likes babies. She thinks she will have 20 babies someday. She falls in love easily.

8. She is a thinker. Always thinking. Putting it together. Asking questions. Quoting facts. Figuring out the logic. (We had a new baby on the way, I'd already had "the talk" with her and all of the older kids months before. She is the one that put it all together.)

9. She is a joy to have around. She's fun, smart and sassy. She has lots of friends. She's loyal. She's confident. She loves to look cute and will go days without swimming to preserve cute curls and a fab hairstyle.

Yesterday she announced that she would be sleeping in today ...

"just in case you wanted to do something special and have more time to get my gifts together or anything."

I asked her if she was wanting breakfast in bed?


(Note taken I'd better get on that)

Here are the most recent pics on my phone.

Her birthday nail polish manicure.

Her 3rd grade rocket on the last day of school.

Holding the baby while I played rockband on my birthday.

Joy, my niece Maria and Hope.

Joy and Hope in a pair of dad's pants one Sunday after dinner. Hilarious.

Joy is a die hard Neon Trees fan. So last night the hubs and I were going to take her out to see Prom. The spring Disney movie.

Everyone wanted to go too. Including the boys. So everyone went. And they all liked it. Except Pierce. And even he did pretty ok considering it was not a little kid movie.

It was all I could do to keep the herd from singing along with Neon Trees. I had a hard time not singing too though.

I still have her friend party to post about. (Maybe later)

Dear Joy,

Happy birthday sweetie! I hope it's all you have dreamed of.

You truly are a Joy to be around. You bring the party wherever you go.

I love that you are always singing or listening to music. You always know every word.

You are a wealth of knowledge .

I am never alone with you around you love to keep me company (even in the bathroom). I know how you like a captive audience.

I'm so glad you have a special bond with grandma.

Always remember I love you, to the moon and back, to infinity and beyond, forever and always!


your crazy mama!
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Mom of 12 said...

We love birthdays at our house! I hope you got lots of cake and ice cream...

Wendy Phelps said...

Joy is absolutely wonderful! So much personality!!! We sure love her! Happy Birthday Joy!!!

jayna said...

so fun! happy birthday to joy!

onehm said...

Happy Birthday, Joy!!

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