Monday, June 13, 2011


Somehow I delude myself into thinking that MY life will somehow slow down for summer.

I came into this summer totally optimistic.

I'd get to sleep in.

The kids and I would have nothing but fun.

We have fun. The house isn't even a nightmare.

But somehow I still have a million places to be each week.

I'm scheduling a week out.

I never ever get to sleep in and i'm always in a big hurry.

I have gotten 3 speeding through the intersection camera tickets. In 1 month. Same intersection.

Wth? I have been driving through that intersection for years. And suddenly I get 3 in a month?

I've started to use cruise control in town so I don't speed.

I need to figure out how to slow down and chill.

I find myself finally getting a minute to relax sitting in the dentist office waiting room with the baby.

It's not silent. I'm not even alone. But it's as alone as I can manage.

(So i'm using it to blog)

I see moms with a herd of their own and I have to count heads.

Yeah I hate it when people do it to me and yet I do it to everyone else.

Speaking of counting heads....

The other day I was at lunch with two other moms.

A friend and her friend.

There were 11 kids in the back room at my fave pizza place.

Another group came by and they chose to sit in the regular table area.

We assumed they didn't want to battle the crowd.

I now know how the animals at the zoo feel , as they sat outside the huge glass window staring in at us counting heads, gaping open mouthed.

We assumed they were trying to divvy up the kids.

Of course you and I know 7 were with me.

the other moms had 2 each. And neither wanted to share the blame of the insanity.

The circus is back in town. damn I forgot my theme song.

The new mom friend was surprised I was so laid back.

Uh yeah I am.

I have to be or I'd be a screaming banshee.

Ok I admit it sometimes I am one of those too.


Summertime may just kill me.

Or as I screamed up the stairs into the loft the other day when some kid had driven me over the edge...

"You are killing me a little bit at a time".

The hubs could only laugh as I was obviously over my limit.

And to think, I did this to myself.


Heres to Staying sane and opting in on optimism.

Tomorrow is another day to start out delusional about the inevitable reality of my life.

- crazymama

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Carie said...

You make my life delightfully complete, thanks and keep your insanity coming, it only spurs me to set my goals higher then yours in hopes that I might someday be better then you.

tammy said...

3 tickets in one month? Holy cow girl.

Diaper Diva said...

I hear ya! Sorry about the 3 tickets, yikes.....

Nani Udall said...

Mine somehow always seem to arrange themselves in the duckling formation (even going in order of size). I didnot teach them this, and while a very few bystanders will ooh at the "cuteness", it's usually the horrified looks of it being blatantly obvious they belong to me.

Rebecca Irvine said...

I am always stressed out by 9 am on summer mornings... at least when school is in I don't get stressed until 3:30 pm.

Mom of 12 said...

So I have ten kids living at home right now. My oldest daughter just got a new job and begged me to watch her two little guys for the summer. That takes me back to twelve again...chaos is my life!

jayna said...

i hear ya. (except not the kids part, since i aint got any of them... i love using incorrect gramar.) i hear ya about being busy and thinking that it will slow down. ever. even for a single lady.. my friends think i'm a crazy fool because i'm scheduled 3 weeks out. oh vacation....

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