Friday, June 24, 2011

friday confessional

Forgive me blogger for I have sinned, it's been nearly forever since my last friday confessional.

I always "think" I am going to play along but my follow through, lacking.

I confess...I walked around last Friday with a hickey on my neck, all day, like spam sucking trailer trash or the classy convenience store cashier. HICKEY. ON. MY. NECK.

And I saw friends and talked to them.

I had no idea until my cousin spotted it.

What? The hubs travels! But I agree, there is no good reason to leave a mark.

I confess...I dislike gossip. I mean I like it except when it's about me or it hurts someones feelings. I also dislike girl drama. It can ruin your whole day if not your whole week.

I confess...I hate that people judge me negatively for how many kids I have.

What I really hate is when it's someone who acts like they like me (friends) or should love us unconditionally (family) and yet they make judgements or blanket statements. Worse is when those people judge and then gossip about me to other people.

It has me rethinking my blog. It's partly my own fault for putting it out there. And maybe I should censor.

But when family gossips? It hurts. Especially when it comes from dislike rather than worry about you.

I confess... I may have told my 11 year old she was looked like a porn star/hooker yesterday. In her outfit.

She was wearing her decent coverage 2 piece swimsuit (ready to go swimming) and she went and put on her knee high leather boots to show my friend.

Omg either one with something else and they are fine. BUT THE Combo?!

We sent her to take them off fast.

I confess....the same kid asked recently,"why
Does dad have a box of condoms in his drawer?" Talk about an Awkward conversation.

So there we go. Some juicy confessions.

You can play along with Mamarazzi too.

Or you can just confess to me here in the comments. (Which is what I usually do to Mamarazzi.)

The hubs has been gone all week, toronto until Wednesday and Ohio until today. I confess i'm ready for him to come home, it's been a long week. I need a hot date.


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Je$$ said...

you have 7 children! how wonderful! i bet it's never boring at your house. who cares about those losers that judge you for that, they are obviously jealous.

i'm a new follower btw.

Jen said...

Love the hickey story, that is awesome!! Sucks about gossip, I have been trying to work on that more.

Cara @ Gardenview Cottage said...

Your hilarious...a hickey? Too funny and I say the people who are talking smack about your kids are just jealous...♥ U!

Jill said...

You missed your chance at pawning it off on the baby. Like you fell asleep with the baby and you were so tired you just let it suck on your neck.

Mama T. said...

It's all good. I went to school with a hickey on my neck and it wasn't until 5th period that one of my students noticed it. I teach Middle School. That was an exciting day for my students. (Or should I say an exciting night before for me:)
As far as condoms in the drawer; one showed up in my desk drawer at school! I just held it up and asked if anyone had misplaced something. Ha! I love shocking my students like that! My other favorite is when my students were writing Valentine notes back and forth to each other. They were supposed to be writing in Spanish because that's what I teach so when I found some English words on one boy's desk, I just explained to him, loud enough for the class to hear, that if he wanted to talk about big his part is, he should spell it p-e-n-i-s. NOT p-e-n-u-s. Spelling is important:)

AndreaLeigh said...

I am the same way about gossip! haha!

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