Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Mr. Darcy crashed my computer

Not really but it's a post about hard lessons learned and a mini book review.


Last week, when the hubs was out of town my computer crashed.

The desk top I never get a turn to sit at.

Since the kids use it constantly to play stupid games. It is essentially mine in name alone.

So it crashed. And the plan was the hubs was going to be home late Thursday but it turned into friday instead.

Well instead of waiting until the hubs came home to fix it, I tried to figure it out.

The usual stuff wasn't working , so genius that I am, I re-formatted the hard drive. Which means I wiped it clean to start over from scratch.

I wasn't worried when the hubs said I probably killed the computer completely.

I laughed at myself when I thought about it.

I thought, better me killing it than one of the kids.

I was under the impression everything was backed up on the shared drive.

And I was WRONG!

Some genius other than me unconnected the shared drive. Everything was gone.

I sobbed for a couple hours yesterday. The pictures were all I care about. and they were GONE!

The kids were tripping out at my distress. Whispering to each other, "why is mom crying?"

They kept accusing the hubs of being mean.

I bawled while making lunch.

I sobbed while washing dishes.

I sniffled while holding the baby.

The only thing that stopped me from continuing down that path for the rest of the day was the discovery that my camera card was still full.

It had halloween, christmas and the baby's birth pictures on it.

All was not lost.

I'm so glad I never delete the memory card once i've downloaded the pictures.

Turns out the hubs brother says it can be recovered. We'll deal with it when the hubs comes home later this week.

So I have learned a valuable lesson. Two actually. Never reformat the hard drive. And always back up your pictures.


Last week everyone wanted to know what series I had just finished.

It's a 3 book series by Pamela Aidan

"An assembly such as this, a novel of Fitzwilliam Darcy, gentleman"

"Duty and Desire " and "These Three Remain"

It was Pride and Prejudice from Mr.Darcy's perspective. It followed the book plus added some original characters and storyline. I loved it.

It's fan fiction and It followed the BBC version of pride and prejudice and was based off of colin firth's portrayal. Hubba hubba.

I bought my copies at goodwill but it's available on Amazon.

Looks like she wrote a prequel I need to read.

So, do you have your computer backed up?

Have you read Pride and Prejudice?

Do you love Mr. Darcy?

Here is the gratuitous pic of Patriot. He's almost 4 months old and weighed 16.5 lbs last week.

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tammy said...

Oh man. I would've been crying too.

Diaper Diva said...

Been on the loosing end of pics and that stinks! Hope it is all there when you go hunting. Love a chubby baby!

Amy said...

My laptop just died. Fortunately for me, I had just backed everything up a month ago. Thank goodness.

I LOVE Pride and Prejudiced and I read it often. I also love Mr. Darcy. SIGH. He is delicious.

BTW, met a friend of yours, ironically enough. Crystal Hanson. We've decided that we all need to start a romance novel book club. And not a sweet and innocent one. Let me know what you think. Send me a message on FB or something :)

Amy said...

AND! I'm so sorry about your computer. I had that happen to me a couple of years ago and I was literally sick to my stomach for days. I hope your bro in law is right and they recover everything.

Nancy Pitney said...

Here's another thing you could do: actually print out your pictures! :) Every month when I go to Costco, I send the pictures I've taken from that month to the 1 hour photo. When you do it little bits at a time, it's not overwhelming or expensive. So, if I ever lose all my digital pictures, at least I have 1 hard copy! Hope you get your pictures back!

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