Friday, July 1, 2011

aloe vera is my new lover and other confessions

It's time for friday confessional. I know you enjoyed last weeks post immensely.

I play along with my friend Mamarazzi. Linking is however more difficult on my phone so it may or may not happen. (You recall I effed up my desktop)

I confess...aloe vera is my new lover.

You either know why already or you can read yesterday's post. As one of my friends said, I used both pubes and beaner in the same post. Don't miss out. Or keep reading...

I confess ...i never knew stretch marks hurt like a mother when they sunburn. Especially the freshest ones.

They were white and ghosty and now are red and raised. Thus my love affair with Aloe Vera since I sunburned my belly in a pathetic attempt at tanning it. Sigh.

The kids...took the blame for the strech mark road map yesterday admirably well.
Yes, I blame them. They are both vertical and horizontal.

I confess...the way I remember which way is vertical and which way is horizontal... horizontal bop. you might as well say knocking boots. just a slang term for sex. classy for sure.

I confess...that when the cashier at target assumed and stated I was pregnant I didn't correct her.

I did however think, I am burning this outfit. i should just embrace it. this is me. ilm one of those women who look pregnant. always. sigh.

And since I was kid free the woman had no idea I have an almost 4 month old.

I confess...I left the baby home with the big kids while I shopped at target yesterday! Two blissful hours totally alone = HEAVEN!

I did come home to no power but the baby was fine.

the power plant by my house had a transformer explode so thousands of people faced the az heat. my power was out for four hours but i never even felt sweaty. the kids played in the pool and played hide and seek to entertain themselves.

I confess...I got served last night.

For those camera speeding tickets . Joy had answered the door. There goes 600 bucks down the toilet. (I posted earlier in the month about the 3 camera speeding tickets I got in 2 weeks time.)

I have slowed way, way down and discovered if I drive the speed limit, I hit that same freaking light every time. I avoid that intersection now if I can. At least if I hit the light, I have no chance of another flash and ticket. Yay.

I confess...I was super miffed at the hubs, out to dinner with friend in Ohio, while I dealt with 7 kids, no power for 4 hours and getting served, all in the same day. Peeved.

He tried to smooth it over with compliments from his friends wife (she was at dinner too) she thinks I must be fabulous and amazing.

I confess that sometimes i'm bitchy and disregard compliments like that. She doesn't know me. I mean I am fabulous and amazing but she doesn't know more than the hubs travels and we have 7 kids. It's probably just something she feels obligated to say. Right?

There are many reasons i'm fabulous and amazing. That is just a minor reason why.

My low self esteem and self doubt both make me want to instantly disregard compliments like that and delete that whole confession but in the spirit of confessing i'll leave it.

Anyway. So far we have no plans for the 4th. We'll probably swim and bbq.

I have a feeling I will end up crafting some fabulous last minute 4th of july ensembles and decorations. We'll see.

Have a safe and delightful holiday weekend.

Hugs, crazymama

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Jenifer said...

BTW, I was still chuckling today about yesterday's post. You always make me giggle and chuckle. That sucks about being served, I thought they outlawed the camera cops???

jayna said...

good to know about sunburning stretch marks. my body hasn't seen the sun in years.

i also love the 4th of july, but i feel like the past several have been spent moving. either for me or for someone else. and this year? i was in bed by 9:30.

yes, you are amazing. but i KNOW you. and have for YEARS. so i can say that and it aint just me blowin sunshine, if you know what i mean.

glad you survived the power being out. at least you have a pool to jump into for refuge.


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