Thursday, July 21, 2011

where is my craZymama mask when i need one?

confessing is theraputic and can be held against you in a court of law. I confess...

i don't think i have much to confess today.

it's sad really. (i'm totally delusional when i think things like that, it just takes awhile to get the thoughts flowing).

i mean after yesterday's gem of a post leading you to think Liberty(the 11 year old) discovered condom wrappers when they were really ice cream bar wrappers. it's a gem i tell you.

(oh, spoiler alert, don't bother reading the next post then).

I confess...

i have an Ann Taintor magnet on the fridge. it says...

which i think is hilarious.

unfortunately it lead to the hubs having to explain what a condom was to some of the kids.

the fortunate part was, i didn't have to explain it.

I confess...the hubs and I are totally lame and unromantic.

(AND WHEN I SAY UNROMANTIC, IN MY HEAD IT SOUNDS LIKE UNROMANTICAL, which isn't a word but you get what i'm saying right?)

we were kid free this evening. and what do we do?

we hit the drive through for dinner and ate in the back of the walmart parking lot. and then...we went to our separate computers, once we got home.

losers. NERDS.

I confess... I tried to get him to chat dirty with me online.

which led to him typing synonyms for dirt.

not what i was after.


I confess....My relief society president (church ladies group leader) just requested my FB friendship.

do i do it? or no?

if you know me on fb then tell me what you think.

too risque? i think she'd get to know the real me. do i want her to know me? not sure.

would i have to delete the cleavagey profile pics and limit my language?

that's why i don't friend my nieces and nephews and friends kids.

i don't enjoy censoring.

I confess... i dread the day my kids join facebook.

not like they don't live it all in person but still. and by that i mean the cleavage. remember joy called me immodest last week?

i confess...

I'm tired of putting it all out there and hardly anyone commenting. i can't even tell if people are reading it by the #'s because my log in for my hit counters was auto saved on my dead computer. sigh.

I confess....I sort of think google+ is just another place to feel rejected. insecure. and a host of other not delightful feelings.

anyone want an invite?

for those that aren't in the know google+ is a new google gadget that is alot like facebook. people post crap. i mean statuses and people comment. you can share pics and even live chat with a group of people in a "huddle" . hello this is where i need my Mrs. Jetson face mask.

remember that cartoon? remember the episode where Rosie the robot/maid had to fetch Mrs. Jetson her mask so her friend didn't know she wasn't dressed for the day/didn't have hair and make-up done on their video phone.

that was so far out and now it happens. and i look hideous on it.

where is my perfectly coiffed, professional make-up-ed crazymama mask when i need one?

so if you are on google + find me, add me to a CIRCLE.

but don't ask me to video chat.

i can't vlog either. it's just so NOT CUTE.

I confess.....

hmm maybe i'll save one for next week.

have a delightful day!

what are you confessing?

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Mamarazzi said...

yeah, yesterday's post. RAD!

as far as the RS pres...i would add her then block her from pics and wall postings and junk. i did that with my sister's BFF cuz i don't like her.

Paul is friends with J but she can't see his wall and only has access to certain photo albums.

there are ways to keep your autonomy on FB and still "friend" non friends.

i love that you and the hubz are unromantical...hilarious!

i am not sure if i will Google+ i cannot handle more rejection and shiz.

or afford another time suck, i have no self control..or discipline.

thanks for linking up!!

CassiB said...

I totally had a good comment and lost it on my phone!

Now I want magnum bars, sent Hozer out for them and they were sold out!! They were on sale.

Forgot the rest of my comment so this is what you get at 4am!

Anonymous said...

Yeah I hate when I write a regular, serious post - not a meme - and no one comments. It bothers me but then again, I have to figure people might just want to keep their mouths shut if it's a sensitive topic?

Stephy said...

I can't believe your hubby wouldn't play along to chatting dirty. Synonyms for dirt. Jeesh. No fun!!

I haaaaaaaa-aate when people from Church want to be my FB friend. I always push "Not Now" until they actually come up to me & say something about it to my face-then I kind of play dumb, say I didn't notice, & I'll accept them right away. I hate it though.

VandyJ said...

My hubby would be only too happy to talk dirty anywhere, let alone the computer.
I have not even checked out Google+ yet. I'm just getting the hang of FB. I don't need the pressure of something new. Well I guess I'll have to check it out sometime.

Aubrey S. said...

I completely understand the unromantical front. If we have an evening's usually the same situation. And we don't even have kids yet. Lame.

Hope you have a fabulous weekend.

Jill said...

don't accept them as friends.

I realized that all of these people from my ward found my blog, and now I am more conscious of what I say. And that sucks.

So don't do it.

Mrs. S said...

I feel ya on the commenting :(

I don't know about the RS friend. I'm weary about it, not that I have anything to hide, but I would feel like ANYTHING I post would be scrutinized!

Megan Harmeyer said...

I confess I am not interested in Google+. I'm one of those people who are pretty much happy with how things are until I'm forced to change. I don't see FB going anywhere so I'm going to stay where I am.

I'm glad I have boys and the hubs will have to explain all that "boy stuff" to them - not me!

Ahh...The Jetsons! I remember watching that and thinking how amazing all the high-tech gadgets were and now look at us! I wouldn't be surprised if we don't even have to leave our house in about 15 years - for anything. Ever.

Happy Friday!

A Randomlicious Blog for the Soul said...

THere are so many things for me to comment on...I don't know where to begin.

My hubs and I are the same with the computers, we got home from our date night and are both on separate computers :) At least we don't have the tv in the bedroom!

I am the same with Facebook and Relief Society more like all the women in my I really want them knowing me THAT well, cause I post EVERYTHING on FB ! :)

I say do it, because what if you don't friend her?? YOu have to see her and her wonder why....right?!

Jen said...

Love the confessions, Jeff and I too communicate more through email these days.

Haven't joined Google +, I can't think of trying to manage anything else at the moment.

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